Trading for Moss back in 2005

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    The Raiders gave up their 1st rounder (#7 overall), starting LB Napoleon Harris, and a 7th rounder to Minnesota for Moss and that's it. We had #32 that year (ended up picking Mankins of course). Looking at a draft trade chart, our 1st and 2nd rounders packaged together (plus a defensive starter) still wouldn't do it. Basically we would have to give up our 1sts from 2005 and 2006.

    So we give up Mankins and Maroney plus a defensive starter from the 2004 team for Randy Moss. Do we win the SB in 2005? I doubt it. The losses of TJ, Phifer, and Law is what crippled that team. However, we could well be going for our 5th SB this season if we had Moss last year. I know none of this matters, but it's still interesting to consider.
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    I believe that Moss is now the leading receiver according to the stats. He moved past Chad in both yardage and receptions.

    Didn't the Raiders coaches say he was all washed up?:singing:
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    The entire Raiders organization is a mess. I wouldn't trust opinions from any of their guys. Anyone who actually believed Moss had lost a step or whatever is just stupid.
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