Trade-A-Rama part 2

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by DW Toys, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. DW Toys

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    Round 2 (Friday, April 23 at 6:30 PM ET)
    33. Rams Sean WeatherspoonOLBMissouri
    34. LionsBrandon LaFellWRLSU
    35. BuccaneersArrelious BennWRIllinois
    36. ChiefsChad JonesSSLSU6-3230
    37. T-Patriots (from Redskins) Terrence CodyDTAlabama
    38. BrownsCorey WoottonDENorthwestern
    39. RaidersJon AsamoahOGIllinois
    40. SeahawksDamian WilliamsWRSouthern CaliforniaDemaryius ThomasWRGeorgia Tech6-3229
    41. BillsCharles BrownOTSouthern California6-5292
    42. Buccaneers (from Bears) Vladimir DucasseOGMassachusetts
    43. DolphinsCam ThomasDTNorth Carolina
    44. Patriots (from Jaguars) Sergio KindleOLBTexas
    45. BroncosMaurkice PounceyCFlorida
    46. GiantsBrandon GrahamDEMichigan
    47. PanthersNavorro BowmanOLBPenn State
    48. TRADE(please follow closely)-Broncos from Bears (via Eagles) (via Patriots) (via Titans) Dominique FranksCBOklahoma=1)Patriots TRADE their 2nd round pick #48 plus S James Sanders for Eagles OLB Chris Gogong, Eagles 3rd round pick #70 and Eagles 3rd round pick #87. 2)TRADE Eagles trade 2nd round pick #48 and 2nd round pick #55 to Bears for MLB Brian Urlacher and Bears 4th round pick. 3)TRADE Bears trade 2nd round pick #48 and 2nd round pick #55 and 2011 3rd round pick for Broncos WR Brandon Marshall.
    49. TRADE-Bills from 49ers Demaryius ThomasWRGeorgia Tech=for RB Marshawn Lynch
    50. TRADE-Eagles from Jaguars (via Texans). Jerry HughesOLBTCU=for QB Mike Vick
    51. Chiefs (from Falcons) Mardy GilyardWRCincinnati
    52. SteelersJahvid BestRBCalifornia
    53. TRADE (please follow closely)-Cardinals from Patriots Koa MisiOLBUtah=1) for QB Matt Leinart, WR Anquan Bolden. Cardinals get 2nd round #53, a Patriots 7th round pick, LB Adalius Thomas and a “Player to be named later”. 2) Patriots TRADE OT Matt Light, and Matt Leinart to the Seahawks for ILB Lofa Tatupu and QB Matt Hasselback. 3) Hasselback then goes to the Cardinals as “the player to be named later” by the Patriots. (Pete gets his USC QB back. Seattle was very happy with Tatupu replacement David Hawthorne, Tatupu is recovering from a chest injury but fine now. Pats can use LB help and Seattle needs an OT to replace Walter Jones. Volmer is capable to replace Light. The Cards were so unsure of Leinart they were searching FAs)
    54. Bengals Reshad JonesSSGeorgia
    55. T-Broncos from Eagles=Mike JohnsonOGAlabama
    56. Packers Matt TennantCBoston College
    57. Ravens Kyle WilsonCBBoise State
    58. Cardinals Nate AllenFSSouth Florida
    59. Cowboys Sean LeeILBPenn State
    60. Chargers Ryan MathewsRBFresno State
    61. Jets Brandon GheeCBWake Forest
    62. Vikings Rob GronkowskiTEArizona
    63. Colts Daryl WashingtonILBTCU
    64. Saints Tim TebowQBFlorida

    This is all for interesting conversation that's all.
    DW Toys
  2. VJCPatriot

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    Anything to get rid of James Sanders huh? You do realize, this means you need to draft a safety now.

    So let me get this straight, you did all of this just to acquire Lofa Tatupa and Boldin? I'm sorry but this is just bizarre. Lofa Tatupa is too SMALL to play SILB for the Patriots and he's coming off a serious injury. Boldin is on the wrong side of 30 and wants to get PAID.

    It would be better to draft Arrelious Benn or one of those other high ceiling WRs in round 2 than to give up players, picks, and cash for Boldin.
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  3. Coach42

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    #87 Jersey

    53. Is the craziest most convoluted idea I have ever seen. A+ on creativity F in reality.
  4. patriotscpfc

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    I'd like to trade you for someone with a brain.
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