Toughest games of 2006

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by richpats, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. richpats

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    Here's my ranking of our toughest games in 2006:

    1) DENVER - 9/24: Do I really need to get into it?
    2) Miami - 12/10: Should be a battle for the AFCE crown.
    3) INDIANAPOLIS-11/5: We haven't forgotten the 2-point attempt, Peyton.
    4) Minnesota - 10/30: Underrated toughie - primetime in a loud dome.
    5) Cincinnati - 10/1: Hopefully Palmer isn't back to full-form yet.
    6) MIAMI - 10/8: Early statement game between East rivals.
    7) Jacksonville - 12/24: Tough team, could have playoff implications.
    8) CHICAGO - 11/26: A game we SHOULD win, D is tough though.
    9) Green Bay - 11/19: Getting into cupcakes at this point.
    10) Tennessee-12/31: They would have had a September.
    11) Buffalo - 10/22: Bills won't have it together in October...
    12) BUFFALO - 9/10: you know they won't be together in week 1.
    13) NY Jets - 9/17: Master teaches student some lessons.
    14) NY JETS - 11/12: Not sure if Mangini will still be coaching Week 10.
    15) DETROIT -12/3: Oh, gimmie some Dec home games against the NFC!
    16) HOUSTON -12/17: Will be about where they were last year.
  2. zippo59

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    I think Indy should be #2, Cincy #3, Miami #4, and Minny #5. The Dolphins do play the Pats tough, and they are improving, but I still think it's a stretch to say that they will really be able to compete with the Pats. I think Indy and Cincy should be were they are because they are high powered offenses that will test the D, without Willie and possibly Harrison.
  3. Haterproof

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    I really don't see the game against Denver being tough at all.The loss in the playoffs is still fresh on the Pats minds.I think the Pats are going to Kick some Ass on that day.I also don't see the game against Indy being tough as well.They ''ll have to travel to Denver the week before they play us.Denver is probably going to blow out Indy.Most likely Indy is going to lose to Denver and to us.The game against Indy will be nothing like the one last year.I''ll bet anyone on the that.''And Miami is being so overrated.I'm not worried about them at all.We might split games with them or just sweep their Asses.
  4. richpats

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    I think what separates Denver from our other rivals like Indy and Pittsburgh is that we haven't been able to build an early lead on them in order to throw them off their game. Our games with them are dogfights, and in order to win we have to be patient and not force plays.

    If by some chance we can build a double-digit lead, we will be able to force Denver into making mistakes. But Denver typically comes out blazing on offense so the key is to contain that initial surge (like in the playoffs). This game will fall on the offense - we always lose to them if we can't put up more than 20 points. Look at last year, we only managed 3 in the first half both times. We need points and need them early.

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