Toughest Game of the Season

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by AndyJohnson, Jan 12, 2006.

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    This will be the toughest game of the season. Actually, the early season games with the plethora of injuries and new players thrown in on short notice was 'tougher' but mattered less.

    Denver is a balanced team strong across the board. At full strength, Harrison, Light, 6 missing corners, etc, we are a better team (but at full strength all year we'd be the #1 seed playing at home all the way) as is, its a toss up.

    This game comes down to one thing to me. If the Patriots play Patriot playoff football they win. That involves raising their game like no other team can, and making the plays in the clutch. If they play a 'good game' without it being turned up the typical, proverbial notch, being in Denver against a strong team probably ends the season.

    I would put the AFCC 2001, the SB 2001, possibly the Raider game 2001, the AFCC 2004 in the same category. Games that were won because of the Patriots quality as 'winners'.

    If we win this game, we win the SB.

    Indy and our clutch dominance of them will not stop this train, and after that, there is no way we lose the SB.

    There would be no shame in a defeat this week. That defeat would be the result of the early season injury struggles hurting seeding, and making this a road game instead of a home game. But winning this one, just adds another chip in the corner of the legacy.

    I will not trash the Broncos (hey with their playoff record lately that would be easy). I respect the challenge the Pats face, and will feel tremendous pride in what it took to win this game.

    Oh, and we WILL win it.
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