Tony Romo is probably the biggest Seahawk fan this week

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Jan 7, 2008.

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    I bet Romo wants Seattle to win more than the Seahawks staff,players and fans! ;)

    Reason being that theres no better way to correct the blunder you did the previous year than to have another chance to right itself.

    Remember the bobbled snap for the FG in the playoff game at Seattle last year that Romo screwed up with seconds to go which cost Dallas a chance to win last years Super Bowl.

    You gotta think Romo is hoping he gets a chance to get that Monkey off his back....Not to mention that Seattle would be a more favorable matchup with Dallas than Green Bay.

    Of course Romo's team has to do its share and beat the NY Giants
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    I personally blame the fumble on the footballs they were using (I'm sure few other people do).

    In fact, the league had balls made with Tagliabu's signature on them. When Goodell became commish, he wanted balls with his signature on them. These footballs were made quicker and at a different time of year than they normally are. The result was that the bumps on the football were smaller, giving football players less of a grip. Also, water (and sweat) was more likely to cause the ball to be mis-handled.

    My point is tangential to yours, but I felt like sharing =)
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