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Tony Pauline pre-combine top 50

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by mayoclinic, Feb 20, 2009.

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    This from Tony Pauline at cnnsi:

    2009 NFL Draft prospects heading into NFL Scouting Combine - NFL - SI.com

    I've always considered Pauline one of the better draft analysts around. Interesting list. Some of the interesting things:

    - BJ Raji at 13. Mike Mayock predicted Raji will end up going around #19. The Raji hype is very high right now, but if he ends up going more around the mid-1st round instead of top 10 I think he would be worth looking at.

    - Sean Smith at 32: "Scouts are falling in love with Smith by the day. NFL teams feel he can play any of the four positions in the secondary." If true, that kind of versatility would be of great value. Pauline has Alphonso Smith at 23 and DJ Moore at 29. I really see one of those 3 being a reasonable pick at #23, unless someone falls or a LB jumps up on the Pats' board between now and the draft.

    - OL options around #47. Pauline has Eben Britton at #44, Alex Mack at #42, and Max Unger at #49. Any of those 3 would be worth taking a hard look at with our first 2nd round pick.

    - No Clint Sintim or Connor Barwin in the top 50. I would love one of those guys to fall to 58.
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