Tony Dungy releases another statement

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    Tony Dungy, coach of the Indianapolice Colts, issued a follow-up statement to the cheating scandal that has rocked the very foundation of NFL.

    Dungy said the league doesn’t need scandals like this one, and that there are far better one's he can share

    "Really, sad day for the NFL that such minor scandals become all the hype," he said. "It’s another case of the 99 percent good things that are happening being overshadowed by 1 percent bad. Again, people aren’t talking about our product, they’re talking about a negative incident. People should look at our product, like the my good friend Marvin Lewis Bengal's, or Herm Edwards KC Chiefs. I mean how often do you see a Dirty Dozen of Convicts on a team, or a animal humanitarian like Michael Vick, or an Offensive genius like Herm Edwards. They've do so much for our league"

    "Now back in the 70's we had real men scandals, unfortunately the media just did not want to hear it. I have to admit that even as a player on the 70's Steeler teams, we were taking Steroids, including the entire Secondary, myself included:)( ). We truly believed we were doing it for the good of the NFL, you know the 99 percent good things. I mean, how could the Steelers keep pace with the rest of the league, and our hated rivals the Raiders and Cowboys. We had to create parity, and we did so quietly. But you see, that did not affect the integrity of the game. What the Patriots have done completely undermines all the hardwork Polian and I have been trying to complain and whine our way to SB win for the Colts"

    Dungy had declined comment earlier in the week, saying he would wait to see what NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would do. When asked if he thought the Patriots had spied on the Colts, he said the situation was simply about breaking the rules.

    "I can’t really worry about what other people are doing," he said. "I think everybody takes precautions with their signals, Steroids. We took extreme precautions when the Steel curtain was juicing it up. In fact, we used to take 2 hour drive to Cleveland or Canton Ohio to get the stuff and pass off ourselves as Cleveland Browns players. Usually, the best stuff was available in Canton per Jim Haslett. But alas, those were the good old days"

    Dungy said he feels sorry for owner Bob Kraft because everything the Patriots do will be under extra scrutiny.

    "He’s going to have to answer questions all the time, from here on out," Dungy said. "When headsets go wrong, he’s going to have to answer if it’s something that just happened or is this planned. There’s bad grass everywhere, but when the grass doesn’t grow up there, he’s going to be asked about it, and that’s too bad." Unfortunately, having taken significant amount of hashish, acid and Steriods during the 70's seems to have affected Tony Dungy's brain in that he does not realize that Patriots have turf grass on their field. When asked how can Turf Grow, Dungy replied "Well you see

    "Bob and Bill should have called me or Polian, and we'd have provided the Patriots with all the necessary details how to cheat incognito. Afterall we have a lot more experience than Bill or Robert."

    Coming back to videotaping, Dungy said the rules about videotaping are clear.

    "I don’t think videotaping is commonplace, however, taking Steroids or cheating on salary cap, pumping noise to distract the opposition,turning up the heat, is all cleary stated as legal under the NFL bylaws section 12.8.1e, specifically applied to Indianapolice Colts " he said. "We all got memos about this new bylaws that were created by the Competition committee chairman, Bill Polian, after the Patriots cheated by interception Peyton 3 times and cost the Colts 2005 AFCCG. We all know the rules, the referees were supposed to have adhered to the pregame plan as outlined by the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

    Vince was even willing to give us "The Rock" to play ILB, however, I had to turn it down once I noticed Peyton was cozing upto him a bit too much. Regardless, the Patriots cheated by not adhering to the gameplan. Other teams do not. They follow the plan. I cannot understand Why Bill refused to cooperate. I’ve never heard of anybody complaining about anything like this. What is there to complain about a rule that there are to be no PI, Holding penalties called against the Colts in Playoffs, and that Manning has to have 7 seconds before he can be touched, and that Colts should win by 35 points. The unwritten rule that even Bill is fully aware of is that Manning has to have 1TD in 4Q 2 minute drill despite us being up by 28 points. Archie Manning had negotiated that with Tagliabue. Instead, since Bill cheated by not cooperating with Vince and Polian's plan, we got cheated out and lost 20-3 in the 2005 AFCCG"

    In the end Dungy said "Just a shame. Bill knew better, and he should have listened to Polian and I, and this day would've never happened as I would have personally informed Manvagini to keep mum. Now the Patriots and their fans have to just suffer the consquences."

    This article was researched, and perhaps, possibly, almost but not reallyplagarized by W.Ron.Globe Borges
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    Funny. Just too funny. :singing:
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