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Tony Blair opposes death penalty for Saddam...

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Another close ally, probably our closest is speaking his mind about Saddam Husseins verdict and the outcome. Interestingly enough the verdict was announced on Sunday, however the written verdict will not be available until Thursday.. how coincidental is that.. could this be another attempt at election manpulation.


    TONY BLAIR has said that he is opposed to the death penalty for Saddam Hussein and urged the Iraqi Government to reconsider its position.

    The Prime Minister, whose opposition to the death penalty for Saddam emerged reluctantly after persistent questioning yesterday at the monthly No 10 press conference, put himself at odds with President Bush on the issue. The EU is also opposed to Saddam being executed. Mr Blair said: ?We are against the death penalty, whether Saddam or anybody else.?

    Mr Blair refused to depict Saddam?s sentence as a turning-point in the Iraq conflict but added: ?The trial gives us a chance to see again what the past in Iraq was.?

    Later Downing Street said that Britain had reminded Iraq of the British Government?s opposition to the death penalty and asked it to consider that position.

    A poll for The Times has found that 58 per cent of the public want British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq ?as soon as possible even if Iraq is not completely stable?. The Populus poll, undertaken at the weekend, before the Saddam verdict, also suggests that 80 per cent of the public want a full inquiry into the Government?s handling of the war.
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    It is worth remembering that parliament consistently votes against moves to bring back the death penalty in this country and, as such, Blair cannot be seen to be in favour of it. I think that is crucial as we don't ACTUALLY know what he thinks.
    It is also worth noting that the majority of the UK population WANTS the death penalty to be brought back. He is therefore stuck between wanting to be seen as an upholder of the law and a populist. Blair, like pretty much every other politican, is incapable of being honest and I say that as someone who voted for him. I think that politicians get so wrapped up in the media circus that they fail to understand that respect for them would rise immeasurably if they said what they actually thought.
    I'm generally against the death penalty as it is impossible to bring back innocent people. I would make an exception for people like Saddam, Bin Laden and his ilk.

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