Tomase's odds and ends include some interesting points...

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    don't know how accurate they are - this situation does have a "fog of war" element to it - but he tends to be pretty good. Hope so:

    Odds and ends

    Speaking of the Kickoff Gala, when emcee Rich Eisen of the NFL Network introduced the roster, he read every name except that of Asante Samuel [stats], who signed yesterday morning and was not in attendance. He also missed practice. . . .

    In a positive sign, tight end David Thomas walked through the locker room wearing sneakers, having ditched the walking boot he was sporting on his broken right foot. . . .

    Wide receiver Randy Moss was in good spirits signing autographs for fans. One late arrival was quarterback Tom Brady [stats], who drew quite a crowd when he entered. Brady had practiced earlier in the afternoon.

    Moss, that friggin' malcontent! He's refusing to practice and play, in favor of cheerful autograph granting! What a dog!
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    Samuel didn't sign teh I would not expect him there. I am surprised Tomase did not know that.
  3. patsox23

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    I think a lot of the local media was assuming from what BB said in his P.C. that Asante was signed, sealed and delivered. OR Tomase knows that Asante has signed the contract and it's too late for other outlets (like NFLN) to have it? I hope so, but kind of doubt it.
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    Check out Tomase's 2 articles about Asante just posted about an hour ago on the herald website - Pretty good stuff

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