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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Flying Fungi, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Flying Fungi

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    December 20, 2006
    Pats moves

    The Patriots announced the signing of defensive back James Patrick and punter Tom Malone to their practice squad today. Patrick begins his second stint on the practice squad, while the 22-year-old Malone was orginally signed as a rookie free agent by the 49ers on May 5. He was released by the 49ers on June 29. Malone punted for the University of Southern California from 2002-2005, where he recorded a 44-yard career average and placed 95 of his 185 career punts inside the 20 yard-line. Malone was a two-time semifinalist for the Ray Guy Award, given to the nation's top punter, and set a school record in 2003 by averaging 49 yards per punt.
    Patrick was initially signed to the Patriots' practice squad on Nov. 1 and was released Dec. 12.
  2. Flying Fungi

    Flying Fungi In the Starting Line-Up

  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    Cool, we have a Practice Squad punt and pooch challenge to see which kid moves up to the 53 Sunday! :woohoo:
  4. Flying Fungi

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    and as a wandering footnote, the P that spelled Walter in 2003 was rookie P Brooks Barnard out of Maryland. He appears to be out of football.
  5. pats1

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  6. Box_O_Rocks

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    Shhhh, BBF is still having nightmares, lets not make him any worse than he already is...:eek:
  7. Flying Fungi

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    Surprised at the lack of calls for Flutie...
  8. Flying Fungi

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  9. tombonneau

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    Love the Malone signing. Got to see him kick a lot at SC, was surprised he never caught on with an NFL team. But punters is one of those weird positions; the young guys seem to only break through when they are considered as a final alternative.
  10. BelichickFan

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    FWIW, reading the Pro Football Weekly pre draft writeups on them, Malone was mentioned as holding for placekicks, there was no mention of it for Baugher.
  11. zippo59

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    They gave him Pat's number. I already don't like him.
  12. captain stone

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    Doesn't he have injury issues, like Baugher, which caused him to have a sub-par senior season? Perhaps he's healthy enough to give it another go. He did have a terrific sophomore season.
  13. BelichickFan

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    Yes he had a hip problem as a senior.

    His average went from 49.0 as a Sophomore to 43.8 as a Junior to 41.7 as a Senior.
  14. Flying Fungi

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    no no

    he had a hip
  15. RayClay

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    I'm fine with whoever they use at punter.

    Unless the rules committee changes the IR rule, the only punter who has given me nightmares is legally prohibited from returning.

    And I have confidence they will find a savant, a gifted one, capable of catching a football, turning and angling it precisely so that it may be propelled towards the goal post.

    What I want to know is, what the hell did we gain by cutting this inexperienced Patrick guy for 2 guys that looked like they might help the secondary, then cutting them and putting him back on the PS?

    The mystical mysteries of BB the Zen master.:rolleyes:
  16. BelichickFan

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    I don't know, Cassel makes it sound really difficult :

    "“It’s just football. You grab the ball, put it down,†Cassel said. “You do your end, then the kicker does his. It’s not brain surgery.â€"

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