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    Tom Curran has apparently spoken to someone who knows some details on the proposed CBA deal. I heartily recomend it at It made no sense to me that the owners were offering 59.5% as was reported, when every compromise looked like 58% was the mid-point of the range between owners and players, 56.2 and 60% initial offers; and that 58% had been offered by the NFLPA as a possible compromise.

    It turns out to be a gradual rise from 57% to 58.5% over the life of the CBA extension. "Total Football Revenues" is still not defined as to whether that is net of Stadium mortgages for privately financed facilities like Gillette or not; or how taxes are allocated on private property like Foxboro as opposed to public facilitry whaich are tax exempt.

    The "cash over cap" is provided by a league wide "clawback" of the TFR by 02% in the following year, if actual TFE (total football expenditures including signing bonues), in an actual year exceed the players share of TFR by more than 1%.

    This appears to fine the NFLPA, reward all the owners, if but a single owner like Snyder, or several together go hog-wild and spends lots of Signing Bonus dollars. Still it would allow for singular cases like signing stars, like QBs, when their contracts are up.:D

    If I were Kraft, I'd agree only if the owners agreed any subsequent agreement about owner sharing, would subsequently be based on net "Total Football Revenue minus Expenses". Other wise he can't afford the approximate $40 million dollar a year charge for mortgages and taxes, a benefit that Teams with government financed public stadiums don't face and thus would enjoy as an advantage...

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