Tom Cruise to play Iron Man?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by JackPMiller, Jul 28, 2006.

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    Tom Cruise is Iron Man ... Again?


    Posted Jul 25th 2006 4:01PM by Erik Davis
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    That's right folks, the rumor rabbits are at it again. Even though director Jon Favreau has stated Tom Cruise is and will not be in the running for the lead role in Iron Man, word leaking out of Comic-Con suggests that might not be the case. According to Cinescape via one of their top secret Comic-Con scoopers, the news leaked out of Saturday's Marvel Panel. Mind you, not from anyone on the actual panel -- oh no, the scooper overheard the information from the three Paramount suits seated in front of him.

    What did he hear? Well, as the panel was discussing Iron Man, one of the three suits said, "I believe Tom Cruise has got it in the bag." Interesting. What is this bag? Where did it come from? Is it brown? Green? Silver? And what exactly does Tom Cruise have in it? Perhaps the scooper, instead, heard a word that rhymed with 'bag'. Honestly, that would make a lot more sense. So, what's the deal here? Is Tom Cruise really back in the mix? It makes sense to include the star since Marvel is self-financing the flick. An unknown Iron Man could equal a box office disaster. However, throw Tom Cruise in there and you're guaranteed to bring home the bacon. I guess we shall wait and see ...
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    Iron Man has to be Vin Deisel!
    Still waiting for Iron Giant II....

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