Tom Brady's former coach Tom Martinez has diabetes and needs transplant.

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  1. NinjaZX6R

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  2. KoolAid

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    I hope Tom's efforts help find a suitable donor. Good story
  3. Ron Sellers

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    Perhaps the Denver Broncos should volunteer to get Martinez the best possible medical care.

    Sports Radio Interviews » Tom Brady’s Personal Coach Says the QB Will Avenge his AFC Title Game Performance, Could Fix Tim Tebow in Two Weeks

    P.S. - lots of other good stuff from Martinez in regards to Brady in the interview linked above.
  4. Sciz

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    Really cool article there. I liked this tidbit:
  5. Snake Eyes

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    I'd love to donate Bernard Pollard's kidneys to Martinez.
  6. oldskool138

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    Someone call Wilford Brimley!
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