Tom Brady talks about Africa

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats Fanatic, May 29, 2007.

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    hmm Ben Watson is doing a good job taking his woman. hes got some good taste

    good really shows the differences of the US and a poor country.
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    What's impressive here is Tom Brady, telling us who he is by talking about Africa. He's quite a human being. I know when I'm watching a game in the future, this interview will affect the way I look at him.
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    Living in Atlanta, Mike Vick's dog fighting issues are the talk of the town.

    In contrast, Tom is just as impressive off the field as he is on the field. We're blessed to have him.

    Thanks for posting.
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    It was cool to hear him talk about life in Ghana. I actually sponsor a child in Ghana and sometimes you can't help but wonder whether the money you send really makes a difference. It was good to hear that yea, it actually does.
  6. That was a good find, but it got annoying as she was just saying "ummm, hmmm, right... of course" .. every time he would be answering.. :cool:
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  7. upstater1

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    He had a choice to make. Go to Africa on a humanitarian mission, or show up at a girl's birthday party and cash a $200k check.
  8. Danny Boy®

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    That makes his whining about WR's or lack thereof seem a little irrelevant.
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    I gotta hand it to you - being the forum provocateur is obviously very high up your list of priorities and you expend the absolute mimimum of effort doing it.

    Get a real buzz out of people tripping up to refute your nonsense tail pulling, im sure.

    Enjoy the Guinness
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    It's nice that Brady went to Africa and tried to raise the World's conscience. It's just too bad that African politicians have taken turns barbarizing and brigandizing their countries. The prescription of debt relief, would just allow the kleptomaniacs to reload and fatten their Swiss bank accounts. It's too bad that the locals have invested these slockmeisters with the power to do so.

    That advisory text on observations of the human condition is perfectly correct here: "... The sins of the fathers are visited on the children...". No debt relief for politicians to steal or "borrow" against.

    Person-to-person charity and investment, is the only real cure.
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  11. upstater1

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    There are other cures. Micro-banking has been a huge help. That's a lot of what Bono has been involved in. If we could support micro-banking more, it would be a big change (micro-banking is tiny loans given by collective individuals--i.e. you and I give a loan, we each contribute $100, and we receive that $100 back in due course).

    As far as having corrupt leaders, we're talking about warloards. These guys aren't chosen by the electorate the way we choose leaders here (excepting some figures like Idi Amin who were elected). To a large degree, colonialism is to blame. You have minerally rich countries with resources, the warlord gets huge sums of money to watch over the pundering of those resources, the warlord buys weapons with which to suppress any Democratic forces that want to improve the country. Amin and Mugabe--besides being mass murderers--tried to nationalize the resources by removing the Western element, and that more than his murders pissed off his ex-Colonialist masters. Coffee, diamonds, oil, chocolate, you buy them out, bring the goods in cheaply, make a profit.
  12. AzPatsFan

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    Exactly ! Micro-banking is one of the person-to-person things of which I spoke. Warlordism is a problem; but by and large only the Kenyan leader and the South African leader didn't turn out to be utter thieves, who lined their pockets; all the others were pure F**ks. They all hid behind the rubric of Socialism and doing it "for ther people"; meaning only them, their henchmen and families.

    The only real thing that could be done on a nation state or international basis would be take esentially all of Africa, give it to the UN, and let it recarve real national borders encompassing indigenous tribal and national groupings rather than the left over colonial borders which represented the extension of colonizing countries military conquests, with out anyother real rhyme or reason.

    Unfortunately, this would never happen., Thanks to the shortsightedness of the colonial powers in the two decades after WWII, who thought they could hang on; and the marxist socialist asses of the East Bloc, who merely wanted to antagonize and not build a damn thing.

    All the Socialist theories made the prize of being a leader much more lucrative, and an excuse to "nationalize" and expropriate (i.e. Steal) everything not nailed down. But these unsophisticated natives wouldn't be helped. US Democrats still buy the nonsense, still rave about "Big Oil" when over 95% of the oil traded in the world is pumped by "nationalized" oil firms, who just can't be in Socialist theory, greedy, like capitalist pigs....

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    Absolutely, it is unfortunate that many of the governments do not have their people's best interests in mind.

    That being said it is easy to make loans to people in these countries where small amounts of investment can really make a difference in people's lives. is a site that allows you to make small loans to people in areas where they would not be able to obtain the money otherwise. The best thing about it is that you are helping people and there is a very good chance that you will get a full return of your loan. You can loan as little as $25 which can make a big difference for these people and their economies.

    I really recommend you check the site out, especially the journals section where you can see what people are doing with the loans they receive.

    That's right. Now we don't know for a fact that that $200k didn't go straight to needy orphans but considering what we do know I know which guy I'd rather be associated with.
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    Always do, slick...always do.
  15. Michigan Dave

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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    Wow. AMAZING interview, highly recommended. No surprise that Tom Brady is a classy, intelligent, amazing human being.

    What struck me is how comprehensive and articulate and in command of the knowledge that Brady is about Ghana. No doubt his memory and intelligence translates onto the football field.

    Really looking forward to the Senator Tom Brady era in about 10 years...
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    what we would call corruption is the grease that fuels many (most?) 3rd world gov'ts. The already flimsy political structure would evaporate should glad handing be eradicated overnight which would leave us with more Congos, Rwandas, Somalias, Dafurs, Eritreas, Liberias and Nigerias, to only mention a few!

    TB means well and one hopes that the attention he draws will shame the local leaders into transparent rule - that's where trust for a centralized gov't begins.

    We can take TB's example and screech (its the only weay to be heard in Washington) that our foreign aid dollars be more than payoffs to the prez of the moment to keep Al-Queda out of town. Because if our money is the only thing keeping out the Islam-o-psychos then we'll end up with another Afghanistan where cut off warlords are now welcoming back the Taliban. the fight for democracy must be vigorous and steady but it must include reality: sharp, efficient, tactical, redundant strategies - not just pie in the sky celebrity visits exploited by shameless politicians to further personal success over that of our country.

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