Tom Brady needs to shoulder some blame

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MrTibbs, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. MrTibbs

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    I saw a segment early in the season where Chad Jackson approached Tom Brady and asked him to toss the ball around before the game and Tom declined but after though a bit and came out to throw the ball around with Jackson. Now Peyton Manning does it as a ritual before every game.

    Remember how we use to bust on Drew Bledsoe for not trying to get better with his footwork? Tom Brady needs to get in sync with his damn WR's and he's to blame in my opinion, Why? I've never seen so many low balls, high balls and him throwing behind his WR's and TE's so dang much. It's becoming rare to see Tom hit a guy in stride. Thats whats wrong in my opinion.
  2. Jacky Roberts

    Jacky Roberts 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I want to see more of Matt Cassell to see if this guy is the QB of the future or if they have a guy who they can trade.
  3. SVN

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    our o line pass blocking was also bad
  4. BelichickFan

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    To my eye I agree with you. Now, it could be that sometimes Brady is made to look bad because of the receiver being in the wrong spot. Like the last INT, maybe Maroney was supposed to just turn around and not take the step to the right - if he hadn't moved it wouldn't be an INT. So it's tough to say but it LOOKS like Brady played like crap two weeks in a row.
  5. PatsFan-NH

    PatsFan-NH Practice Squad Player

    I agree that Brady is to blame, both this week, and last week. I am not advocating trading him, but maybe he needs to sit on the bench for a week. Cassel may not be able to win, but its almost to the point where we know Tom can't. I don't know whats wrong but something is.

    I am reminded of last year when he had the super secret injury -- its possible he has another one this year. We will never know until the end of the season, or if he can't make it throught the season.
  6. BradyisGod

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    Most, not all, of the ones behind receivers are on purpose, but I agree, something seems wrong.
  7. Michael

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    Brady shouldering some blame is probable.
  8. richpats

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    Are some actually suggesting BENCHING Tom Brady? He just faced a team who's HC watched him practice and play for 6 years. We caught some bad breaks today, Brady didn't quit on the team and looked more focused than last week.

    I'd rather have him go through a slump and still have him as my QB for 5 more years than have Matt Cassell make a career out of this type of play.

    Remember, at worst Brady is the 2nd-best QB in the league. I'd like to see someone make a case for another QB (other than Manning) being better.
  9. MrTibbs

    MrTibbs Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    What pisses me off is the coaching staff continues to get too cute for themselves. O'Callaghan played all season and played damn well now they decide to go with Kaczur who's barely played all season and made a bad penalty and the game ending NON block and also gave up another sack (2 total).

    I don't get it, I just don't.
  10. PatsFan-NH

    PatsFan-NH Practice Squad Player

    Actually his press conference is surreal. Someone asked him what he though of his performance and he said he'd have to look at the film. Excuse me film or no film, he can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn. As a QB he has to know how badly he did. He is being totally un-Brady like in his answers, avoiding any personal responsibility and any personal answer. When asked about him, he comes back with 'we'.

    That last bad body-language game, with Pioli waiting for him by his locker for a quiet personal chat. I bet he told him, not to take it on himself, not to open himself up for so much criticism, but its gone too far the other way. Now its like Brady isn't even there during the game, and will have to check the reports to get back to the reporters with an answer.
  11. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    If Ian ever gets this site running right again, his first addition really needs to be as Assclown section.

    Brady outperformed Pennington today, only his WR's didn't, and his RB's didn't (take away the one long run and Corey - who sat out most of the game after that run and we did squat), his Oline and Dline lost the battle in the trenches in their worst combined performance of the season - owned. His starting #1 WR didn't return to the game after his fumble on the first sustained drive in the first quarter - and BB just said he was not injured. That means he was benched. That fumble led to the 9 minute+ scoring drive by the JETS. That's the old 14 point swing, and on a tough weather day like this you simply cannot get behind early.

    Chad Jackson had his usual 2 plays for 5 yards. Jabar Gaffney was the second best option Tom had all day. Brady spent most of the day in a mud soaked uniform. Noodle's whites remained white. The D line not only missed Warren, they missed Seymour and Vrabel who combined for 3 assists all day. Some think Brady is playing hurt, and it wouldn't surprise me. He has piss poor protection more often than not, and his receivers struggle to make any plays. They make the easy catches look difficult and they don't make any difficult catches. No Patriot WR currently on this roster can hold the jock of Coles or Cochery. 9 weeks in. We all hate to overpay, but would do well to remember that in a sellers market sometimes you get what you pay for and if it isn't nearly good enough that will be scant comfort come playoff time.

    Our ST coverage is embarrassing.

    A LOT OF THIS HAS TO BE ON BELIOLI. We are either not selecting very Patriot like players, or we are not coaching them well enough or gameplanning to their strengths. Stopped for FG's twice inside the 5. They should have won this by 2 scores, but they didn't. Guys aren't stepping up to make plays for this team, they did all day for Mangini's team. We play like we have to make game plans work, on both sides of the ball today, instead of just making plays.
  12. MrBigglesWorth

    MrBigglesWorth Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I'd agree. A couple of other thigns that baffle me are:

    1. I can't recall one screen being called today. Maroney and Watson have been productive on screens.

    2. They run Dillon quite a bit outside the tackles, but it seems like Maroney is run primarily within the tackles.

    3. Teams like the colts seem to have patterns where there is always an open guy. The Pats have this at times, but today seemed like no one was open on blown coverages. I give some credit to the Jets, but the Pats didn't have against the colts either.

    4. Why wait till the end of the game to go deep(Jabar Gaffney)? Jackson is a rookie and supposedly the fastest wr. How tough is it to go down the sidelines with a fake or two?

    I think the conditions today stunk for footing and fortunately the field with freeze soon and make it a faster track hopefully.

    I do think something is wrong with Brady whether it's his shoulder, elbow, or head.
  13. PatsFan-NH

    PatsFan-NH Practice Squad Player

    Actually Tom isn't the 2nd best in the NFL. Cold Hard Football Facts have looked at the active QBs and Tom was #17 this year. When looking at how many TDs for the yards attempted, minus the interceptions. I dont know if that is before the Indy fiasco or after, but it certainly will go down with the Jets data.

    You are living in the past when you talk about Brady being great. He was once, and I hope he will be again, but until that time, the team needs to move on and go with the best chance to win. Even if Cassel can't, it may fire up Tom, if he's injured it may let him rest, and in any event he can step back and look at things and get a handle on what is going wrong.

    As it is now, Brady can't seem to hit anybody reliably, unless it is the opposing team. I don't know why, but until the issue is corrected, its pie in the sky see him as the same player as in the SB years.

    It is way more than Mangini being familiar with Brady, something is wrong, and just pretending it isn't won't make it go away.
  14. AJain

    AJain On the Roster

    No way. Our receivers were tremendous today. Even Gabriel's fumble was not in a bad spot - it was deep in Jets territory after he made a great play. On the whole the QB threw shallow passes and the receivers made nice plays...they even made some catches that were clearly off the mark.
    Even taking the sacks Brady did, he showed no ability to step away or throw the ball away.
    I would not let Brady off so easily here. He is a very very distant #2 to Manning and Pennington played a scrappy, cerebral game and outdueled him.
    If the roles were reversed, we'd be singing the praises of Brady of how he 'took what the defense gave him' and played smart.
    I am not saying to bench anyone...but the guy needs to tighten it up and I do not want to here any more criticism of our solid receiving corps.
  15. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    I almost wish Belichick was stupid enough to call the idiot faction in this fanbase on this kind of mindnumbing armchair analysis. Almost.

    And the other thing Ian needs to do is find out where the Planet gets it's emoticons from. The machine gun and projectile vomiting ones are would be a most welcome addition until an Assclown Forum can be instituted. :violent: just doesn't cut it.
  16. Fanfrom1960

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    I didn't see the game today, but, speaking of receivers, as soon as I turn on the Denver - Oakland game, I see Javon Walker make a great catch and run for a TD. Walker was out there, and the Pats made no attempt to get him, did they? Wide receivers are, to me, still a "skill position", not an interchangeable part. The Pats seem to think the opposite. Yet, they "have respect" for the RB position, going out and getting Dillon a couple years ago, and drafting Maroney high. OK, Jackson went high also, but where TF is he?

    Still, all things considered, how long do people expect the Pats dynasty to last? This could be it guys. Hope not, but...
  17. sieglo

    sieglo In the Starting Line-Up

    Brady played another ****ty game, but benching him is not the answer. In my opinion, the failures are more about coaching than anything else. The offensive line should be a source of strength with the talent that exists and instead they play like crap. Compare this to past years when the talent on the OL was thin but they stepped up and played well. Playcalling on offense is a joke. The defense looked flat today, but without Warren, Harrison, and Wilson that is probably to be expected.
  18. sieglo

    sieglo In the Starting Line-Up

    Brady played another ****ty game, but benching him is not the answer. In my opinion, the failures are more about coaching than anything else. The offensive line should be a source of strength with the talent that exists and instead they play like crap. Compare this to past years when the talent on the OL was thin but they stepped up and played well. Playcalling on offense is a joke. The defense looked flat today, but without Warren, Harrison, and Wilson that is probably to be expected.
  19. fgssand

    fgssand Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    I think we are 6-3, a one game lead in the division with winnable games ahead (each and every one of them).

    The Patriots will dig in and work their way out of this...mark my words.

    If you tell me the single biggest problem we have on this team right now is Tom Brady, then I am not worried at all. Tom Brady is capable of passing his way out of this little funk.

    The sky did not fall today, just hanging a little low is all. TB will lead this team back to glory.
  20. carolinatony

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    Its one thing to play good and lose but when you don't play well and lose that's tuff to take. We are not playing well now.

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