Tom Brady & Fred Taylor: A Super Combination

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by QB12, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. QB12

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    Any coincidence that when these two are on the field together, we play our best football? Think back - Atlanta, Baltimore, & Jacksonville.

    Fred is our '09 version of Clock Killin Cory Dillon.

    Got a great vibe about what these two HUNGRY pros can do together.

  2. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    Sorry to rain on your theory here, but Brady didn't score a single TD with Taylor on the field against Jacksonville. Taylor came in for garbage time to kill the clock. Sammy Morris and Maroney did all the running when the Pats were still in a real game.

    Also, the offense played best this year against Tennessee, Tampa, the first Miami game, Indy, and the second Jets game.

    Also, Fred Taylor had 25 yards on 7 carries vs. the Ravens and 11 carries for 35 yards vs. the Jags.

    All due respect, but I think you are reaching here.
  3. BoTown

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    Taylor hasn't had a chance yet to have the same impact Dillon circa '04 had. But I'm grateful that Belichick is giving him that chance, by not having put him on the IR much earlier in the season when he could have. I think Belichick saw what happened when he prematurely put guys like Seau on the IR when he would've been available against the Colts in '06. I was broken hearted when that happened and I felt the same way when I heard Taylor could be done for the year. I prayed for Belichick to be patient this time.

    Taylor came to the Patriots, with his playing career almost over, in pursuit of helping his team win a Super Bowl. By placing him on IR, that dream could have ended. Thankfully, Belichick realized that the impact a healthy Taylor could have on the team in January, is much more significant than filling a roster spot with a JAG practice squad guy that would ride the bench most of the season. I think Taylor will reward Belichick's patience with a big showing in the playoffs. Just a feeling I have.
  4. vattha

    vattha Rookie

    All valid points, but I believe his yard/carry numbers in the Jags game need to be explained. Most of his runs were during clock killing drives where the defense knew we were going to run the ball.
  5. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    Well, I'd give a pass for that one considering he was playing his first minutes since injury. When he becomes a part of the regular game plan again will be the test.
  6. Rob0729

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    I said he was there to kill the clock. I am just pointing out that he did not play a major impact in the win. He played a huge impact for the Pats to have the ball for most of the fourth quarter in one drive killing any chance of the Jags coming back. I am just saying the original premise is flawed though because the Pats' offense worked near flawlessly with Taylor on the bench the first three quarters.
  7. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    I'm not trashing Taylor. Taylor did show the Pats a lot in the Atlanta game.

    My point is that he isn't the reason why the Pats played great on offense against the Jags (at least for the first three quarters). I have hopes that he can make a big impact in the playoffs.

    The original poster's point was that when Taylor is playing, this offense plays at its best. I just responded that the evidence doesn't support that. He definitely helped on Sunday for the Pats to close the game strong, but the Pats already pretty much had the game in hand by the time Taylor came in.
  8. ScrewDrvr

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    I laughed when on that 3rd and 8 fake hand off, The entire defense went after Taylor and Brady hit Welker for 19 yards.
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