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  1. STFarmy

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    Randy Cross is a jackass.
  2. Va_Pats_Fan

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    That had to be one of the worse quality broadcast of a NFL football game I had ever sat through.
  3. Oswlek

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    Even worse than the announcers, who did they hire to run the cameras, a team of chimps?
  4. biffman

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    The whole production was embarrassing. Criqui and Cross don't know half the players. The camera work was terrible and the audio and video didn't match at all. And do we really need a 20 minute interview with Jim Cook on the sideline while the game is in play?
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  5. ClevTrev

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    I thought so too, until I had to listen to the Titans' broadcast team of Chris Stout and Eddie George in the second half of the NFL Network broadcast. In some instances, they would put the camera on George attempting to make a useless point while the teams were setting up for the next play. Very annoying.
  6. STFarmy

    STFarmy In the Starting Line-Up

    Cross doesn't have to know the first names of every player for every game. But really now, why not just say Light. It's fine. No need to uselessly improv names hoping that no one will notice.
  7. Tunescribe

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    What killed me is the fact that Criqui has been doing these Pats preseason games for several years now, and last week he pronounced Bruschi's name "Brooshy." Made me wonder if he's drinking in the booth.
  8. AzPatsFan

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    I never liked Randy Cross as an announcer.

    The original Man in Black, Jerry Glanville was an ex-head Coach with a funny and irreverent sense of humor. "No Fun League" and "Not For Long" have become common quotes describing the "NFL". Yet they originated with him. I couldn't think of a better combo than He and Jaws, together.

    He also had the insight to see real problems, or solutions as they were evolving and the more difficult courage to say so.

    If a player was making a breakthrough and claiming a position that had been a problem before, he would say he thought the problem was moot, long before the Fans caught on.

    Similarly, I have seen him say that a position manned by a "impregnable veteran" way becoming a problem, (that takes the courage), long before the Fans witnessed the guy's play obviously degenerating.

    I'd like the Pats to bring him/them back for their preseason braocasts...
  9. PonyExpress

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    The best part was the Brady "fumble". They kept claiming it was a fumble during the review, but never let the replay roll to where you could see who recovered it. But they claimed the Defense had, without showing evidence. Then the ref announces that the Defense recovered, but it's now 2nd and 14. And Cross and Criqui say that this turnover will be a turning point. And then Brady takes the next snap, and no one even mentions the farcical circus that just took place, or reviews the fumble recovery by a Patriot. Without question the worst broadcast, college or pro, I have ever seen. Criqui needs to be put out to pasture with a bottle of Jim Beam. And he's doing Notre Dame football? Actually he's better on radio, kind of like John Sterling, because the listener has no idea what actually happened and can't compare his inaccuracies with reality.
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  10. biffman

    biffman Practice Squad Player

    That might have been the most frustrating part of the broadcast.
  11. STFarmy

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    Not to go off topic, but dear God is John Sterling AWFUL. He is very good at describing the game, but he's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too caught up in his own schitck. "NNNiiit is highhh, nnnnnitt is faar, nnnIT IS GOOOOOONE" is a great call in a tight September playoff game but not in a 10-1 win over Tampa Bay in June. Yuck. Also, he gives the most horrific nicknames to the players. Example: he refers to Giambi as the "Giambino." If he got rid of all his cutesy mannerisms he thinks people enjoy, he'd be one of the best play-by-play guys around today. But until then, he'll remain an awful charicature.
  12. Hoodie

    Hoodie 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Agreed. It was truly awful. Cross and Criqui were their ususal incompetent selves. "Rodney Harris"? Seriously, You think they'd at least get Rodney's name right.

    Was anybody else getting the echbo efore each commercial break? Bad enough I had to hear Criqui's innane comments once but twice?
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  13. Va_Pats_Fan

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    That would be when the nfl network cut to a commercial when the pats were driving. When they came back, there was rumors of a pass interference call, a missed FG, and the Titans had the ball @ their 40 or so.

    and yes, the second half listening to the other announcers was only slightly less painful.
  14. JoeSixPat

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    I think they also called the Tennessee "Denver" at one point but they realized their mistake.
  15. mtbykr

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    There were so many things that were wrong with that broadcast...i knew it was going to be bad when they were doing the opening and the camera couldn't stay on their face. I could live with the horrible commentating, but the camera work was just terrible.

    One of the worst moments (and i only saw the NFL replay at midnight) was when they went to commercial and came back saying "sorry about the audio problems, but while we were away the pats drove down, there was a penalty in the endzone, and ghost missed a FG.....now back to the action"[​IMG]

    I'm glad i was able to see it, but wow.
  16. Jimke

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    What the announcer was trying to say was that Matt Light plays

    offensive tackle as good as Todd Light can play offensive tackle.
  17. psychoPat

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    Those two sure are two much.

    Isn't it a Kraft company that produces these displays?
    I would not have imagined the Kraft organization embarrassing itself
    by shilling their beer guy - Jim Koch - like that ...
    while showing live play in a window part of the time
    but blotting it out completely for a facial with Koch another part !
  18. letekro

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    Agreed. If the NFLN can successfully edit out the halftime festivities, why couldn't they cut that nightmarish sequence out? 10 felliniesque minutes were spent while the officials tried to figure out if it would be 2nd and 10 or 2nd and 14.
  19. Brady'sButtBoy

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    These notably substandard preseason games point out how good the in-season work is - both announcers and camera/production - and how spoiled we've become by it. We should try to remember last night's pathetic display of "televised" sport when we feel inclined to rip dudes like Phil Simms for a couple little malapropisms come November.

    The Pat's preseason broadcasts have stunk for years, particularly on the camera/production side of things, but they have hit a new low this year. The audio has been messed up for both games (though it was better on channel 9 out of Manchester, NH, last night than it was on ch. 5) and the replay system has swung wildly from good to unfathomable, while averaging a very poor level.

    These games are produced locally so the Krafts have a hand it; and just like an earlier poster here, I am baffled that Kraft would continue to put his brand on such junk. Maybe poorly produced preseason games are part of the price we have to pay (like $40 dollar parking for exhibition games) to help Kraft fund his family fortunes, ah, I mean, the Patriots dynasty.
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  20. JJDChE

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    This is at least the third year in a row he has called him Todd during preseason broadcasts.

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