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    Today's spin takes Us back to the Mid 1970's to a Quartet of Players who don't get enough recognition for their contributions to The Patriots but in thier day they were feared by all opponents.The Patriots back then were predominantly a "Left Handed Team" as they would often run behind the blocking of Russ Francis,Leon Gray and John Hannah but those three aren't the the ones that I have in mind today.The Four that I'm thinking of today are the Running Backs who carried some 70% of the Patriots workload.Their names are Sam Bam Cunningham,Andy Johnson,Don Calhoun, and Horace Ivory.It can be argued that these men comprised the finest set of Running Backs in the History of The Patriots.
    The game was different then with running taking up a far larger share than it does now but watching these guys run was a thing of beauty.Sam Bam came to Us in the first round from USC and He was the combination of size and speed that everyone looks for.Andy Johnson came to the Patriots from The University of Georgia as a Quarteback and Chuck Fairbanks turned Him into a Running Back.Don Calhoun from Kansas State was sort a a cross between the two .He had power but also a burst.It's funny but NFL Films still uses one of his runs in their intro ! Finally there was Horace Ivory,he came to the Patriots after a great career as a "Wishbone Tailback" at The University of Oklahoma.Horace Ivory was pure speed.His role on the team was to replace Mack Herron who had run into some issues.Ivory could get to the edge faster than anyone I had seen wear a Patriot's Uniform.After the first three had worn down the Defense,Chuck Fairbanks would unleash Horace Ivory and it always looked like He was at twice the speed of everyone else on the field.He was simply electrifying.
    They were all a big part in establishing The Patriots in The NFL.Everyone knew what was coming but few could stop them!
    Another point that should not be overlooked is that a Young Steve Grogan was just as likely to run than as to pass and his rushing numbers prove that to be true. They were simply an outstanding Rushing Team.I tip my cap to Sam Bam,A.J.,Don, and Horace,You were as good as it gets !
    On the day Corey Dillon discusses moving on I found it only appropriate to salute some Running Backs of the past!
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    You've missed one other running back from that era. Mac Herron

    was a terrific all purpose back. He was used as a running back,

    receiver, punt returner, and kickoff returner. It's too bad that he

    was consumed by drugs.
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    Jimke,look 2/3 of the way down my post.I did mention Mack Herron and his issues.
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    Jimke In the Starting Line-Up

    Sorry NoCal. I tried to delete but wasn't fast enough. There

    was a story recently about Mac in one of the local papers.
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    Mini Mack Herron was tremendous.He was a jolt of electricity for The Foxboro Faithful just before the Patriots got really good. The young guys wouldn't believe that The Patriots had a back who took many snaps and He stood only 5'5" and weighed maybe 175lbs.It was truly a shame what happened to Him.He really had a lot of talent.He ran back punts and kicks,ran the ball from scrimmage,caught passes and frankly did it all well.The Patriots had an incredible stable of Running Backs back then.
    Another point to remember is the Patriots then often threw option passes(Andy Johnson) and ran end arounds and double reverses (Reggie Rucker,Daryl Stingley,and later Stanley Morgan).They ran the ball every possible way.
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    NoCal Patriot Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    If You were going to blame Me for not mentioning Josh Ashton and John Tarver then You would have been correct!:singing:
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