Tippett story from my dinner with the coach a few months back

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    I posted this in the thread that was started for that event but with Tippett's induction I figured I would re-tell the story.

    Tippett spoke briefly at the event and then had a Q & A session.

    I asked him what the biggest hit he remembers from his career was?

    And he said it was VS. the Jets ( It seemed like the playoff game in 86 but could have been regular season).

    he said he got a free shot on Kenny O'brien the QB and he remembers it being a really nice hit and it had knocked the QB out of the game. He went on to say he didn't find out how bad it was till the Pro Bowl when he had gone out to eat with one of the Jets and the player was telling him how he had messed up their QB. Turns out that O'Brien was on the sidelines and they were going thru the plays in an attempt to see if he would be able to get back into the game and O'brien didn't get one play right...They figured out he was calling plays from high school.

    He hit the QB so hard he knocked him back to High School.

    Tip also signed auto graphs and the cool thing about getting Tip's autograph.......He now gets to sign HOF.
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