Tiny problem for Warren??

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  1. fgssand

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    Did "Tiny" get hurt?? If he did seems minor.

    If so, seeing as he walked to bus under own power, then probably a small thing. But, he is a guy we cannot afford to lose at all.

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  4. Patriot_in_NY

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    Pats1 talked about this last night while live-blogging the game in the chat area. All us non-watchers paniced when it was typed, but all those that were watching the game chimed very quickly and assured us it WAS NOT an injury situation.

    I know that's pretty unofficial, but it's the best I got :cool:
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  5. dhamz

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    Based on the only playing 2 plays and then not being in the locker room when the media arrived, he probably got dinged. It is standard operating procedure for the pats to clear out injured players before the media enters.

    Based on him walking to the bus under his own power, we can probably assume it isn't serious.
  6. signbabybrady

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    Aaahhhhhhh I hate preseason...doesn't seem serious but what do we know? (nothin'). 3 more of these and than its on to the real thing.
  7. BPF

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    I missed this injury, looks like everyone but the globe staff did.


    Bright spots:
    Few flags, no turnovers, no casualties
    For the first preseason encounter, it was a relatively clean contest. New England committed a mere three penalties all evening, and the reserves on defense forced the game’s only turnover (a fumble recovered by rookie LB Justin Rogers). Keep that level of focus will be crucial in the coming weeks. They may have lost the game, but the team appeared to have escaped the preseason opener without losing any players to injury.
  8. fgssand

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    Not so fast.....Per Reiss today....

    "With Richard Seymour on the physically unable to perform list and Ty Warren leaving Friday night's preseason opener after two plays because of an apparent injury, the Patriots' depth on the defensive line was taxed."

  9. PATSNUTme

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    He could have been sick. Even with only 2 plays and 108 degree heat index, anyone under the weather would get worst.
  10. BPF

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    That's what I said, Reiss and Gasper both work for the globe and they are the only two that reported this. The herald, etc. did not report any injury.
  11. signbabybrady

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  12. DefenseRules

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    I've noticed that BB is being very PROTECTIVE of every little tweek this year. He wants this team as healthy as possible and ready to play from GAME 1.
    And I AGREE with him. :D
  13. signbabybrady

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    or are they not just little tweeks:D
  14. Crazyeechrispats1

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    Hope it's something minor Warren is a beast and one of my favorite players.

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