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    It was the perfect opportunity to go 19-0. It didn't happen and we may not see that for a while. I'm proud of our team and as much as it hurts, as a football fan.....-hats off to the Giants DEFENSE. They played with intensity and heart throughout the whole game-We simply didn't finish and I thought we could.

    It's over. We lost to the Denver, Indy and the NYG. We have a good team though and even after all the post seaon aquisitions and cuts-I'm sticking with my team and believing in them.

    Just remember how lucky we are to have this team.

    I'm tired of all the jokes and non-football/bandwagon fans sneering at our loss-rubbing it in and giggling-especially the bi%$#@'s.....they always make it worse. We need our anger to carry over to next year.

    Hey-at least Satan Manning didn't win another!

    Let's stay excited and stand behind our guys!
    We have MORE to look forward to!

    GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!
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