Time to step up. Expose jets/Hammer Goodel

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  1. danny88

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    Why is there not more attention being paid to the jets cheating by the media? Why is the NFL not looking into Billicks claims?

    Why are writers not asking God ( the comish:rolleyes: ) why a tape was leaked to fox? Where his wife is an employee?

    Why is there no investigation into who that camera man was on the jets sidelines?

    NE is a sports town. A very large market. Start sending emails / letters and do what they did to us. Lets take this and run with it.

    I have seen rumors start on these very boards and end up on tv. If everyone makes an effort to bring that stinking rat mangina into the spotlight it can be done!

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  2. Sundayjack

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    Have you been missing how the news is trending in the last 24 hour cycle? The NEW storyline is all anti-Mangini. This is Phase II in the evolution of the story. Phase III will talk about all the different ways teams around the league find an edge.

    I've got good news for you - unless Roger Goodell looks through old tapes and finds video of Bill Belichick in panties and a garter (although, nice things under different circumstances), the story has breezed in and out of New England until mid-December. The bad news, though, is that the last thing Roger Goodell wants to find is evidence of any other teams cheating. He'd much rather it just stop from this day forward. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that part of the storm to settle over the tri-state area. It was just a convenient "in" to the anti-Mangini vein.
  3. danny88

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    The Rat fink will pay! And no I was forced to go on a trip with my wife today (no tv / pc)
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  4. Fahrenhype

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    Mangina's punishment will be doled out over time. Billick calling him out was just the start.

    Goodell will get out of this unscathed apparently. Most people simply don't seem to care that a confidential tape gets leaked to his wife's employer.
  5. tuckeverlasting

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    you're not going to hear any negative stories on espn about new york because they are new yorkers. that's why they ran wild with this boston story.
  6. Pats726

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    I do think the tape scandal might have more legs than u think....
  7. zoostation

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    Sunday Jack. I've always enjoyed your posts and input on the NYJ boards. What's your take on the entire situation (not just the media trends)?

  8. Sundayjack

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    Hey zoo. I love the drama of the story, but the details of it I find less compelling. I would find it compelling if there were some way the video was being transmitted into the booth, or some other sort of cool electronic espionage, but I just find it very impractical. Seems to me, the quickest way for the Patriots to steal signals for in-game use would be a set of binoculars pinned to Ernie Adams' face. Maybe a pair of those glasses like Whitey had in Me, Myself, and Irene.

    I like that it has seemingly tarnished the Patriot image. You would too, were the Jets caught. That's the nature of being an opposing fan.

    I like Eric Mangini a lot, but I hope, for his own sake if not for the Jets, that he can generate wins. If not, he's going to be a tragic figure in the grand sense.

    Lastly, I'm obsessively frustrated (as in, I'm going to read everything until someone gets it all) that no media person, national or local, has investigated this well enough to write the definitive story on Videogate. This scandal has proven one thing - that sportswriters are little more than fans with press passes and mediocre college grades. They're all opinion writers and talking heads, now. No one reports anymore.

    I find this frustrating because the curious idiot in me wants to know exactly what was taken and how it was used. Not to mention, I get frustrated with people who should understand the what/where/how, but speak of it in clearly wrong terms. Hines Ward, for example, saying how, "They knew everything and were calling things out." Well, Hines, that's not what they were caught doing. The questions is, whether someone was getting information on signals to Tom Brady - the only person who could use it - to call audibles.
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  9. DW Toys

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    Can anyone get in touch with Schefter. If you read the input by many non-anti-pats fans on the net, some interesting stories are posted. good copy. He could cause some real suspense!

    They ask-Why was it o.k. that the Jets (verfied employee) were filming the Pats sidelines? There are pictures all over the web? No explanation from the NFL.

    They ask-Shouldn't Goodell recuse himself from the case as a former Jets employee?

    They ask-Now that NFLTAPESCAM has been introduced and verified, Goodell says he is angry? That's it? The NFL should apologize to the Pats and to punish themselves give the Pats back their first rounder. It's only fair. Goodells" wifes' network gets the tape? Yikes!

    They ask, Now that Super Bowl winning J.Johnson admitted that every team does this including some that film, why are some of these self righteous coaches damning the Pats? If you notice BB DID NOT thrown anyone else under the bus (including the Bus) and brother we know he could have. He probabaly has more evidence than Goodell.

    Interesting stuff- How valid, who knows? Just some makes you say Hmmm...stuff.
    DW Toys

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