Time to regroup and get healthy

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  1. mgteich

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    1) 4-1 going into the bye is just fine.
    2) Our injury situation is manageable.
    3) Our wide receivers are learning the system better each week, but we need one more in case of injury.
    4) The defense really can force turnovers. The front seven is awesome!
    5) Samuel makes a great nickel back, sometimes being burned, sometimes intercepting. Great game Asante!
    6) As I said before the game, our weakest starters are in the defensive backfield. Hawkins has made a huge difference, allowing Samuel to go for the ball.
    7) I suspect that our top three needs (opportunities for personnel improvement) going into the off-season will be corner, corner and safety. We will need a wide receiver, but should be fine with Gabriel, Jackson, Caldwell and whoever we pick up in the next couple of weeks.
  2. BradyManny

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    I think 1 and 2 are your most important points to me - we're 4-1 and we're [relatively] healthy.

    Some things I am looking for after the bye:

    1) More Chad Jackson. He's only running select few plays now, but they need to start getting him in full time and getting him the ball.
    2) More consistency from Maroney - he seems to be getting picky.
    3) Less Wilson - more Hawkins. Hawkins has really impressed me, I liked him a lot last year, but I think he and Harrison are best for the team right now.
    4) Better playcalling on offense, consistenyl. The offense seems to become boring at times, I guess my expectations were really high this year given all the weapons available. I think the playcalling has been predictable and dull more than it has been effective.

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