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  1. AndyJohnson

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    The Patriots ranked 26th in time of possession, which throughout the season has been discussed as a deficiency.
    However, they were 2nd in number of play on offense.
    The time of possession stat appears to only reflect that the tempo of the offense means it runs less time of the clock while on offense because it uses less time between plays.
    Factor that in, and 28:47 TOP actually means a TOP advantage.
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    And then one has to consider how one of the strategies adopted by many teams was to milk the clock as much as possible against the Patriots and keep Brady off the field. Again, one can argue that it suggests the Pats O to be all the more potent.

    But most will look to the simple (but still relevant) point that the Pats defense does in fact give up a lot of yards which means more time off the clock in favor of the oppositions' TOP.
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    The nice thing about scoring buckets of points, when it happens, is you can let the other team run out the clock for you :)
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