Tim Graham vs. James Walker on better rivalry: Steelers/Ravens or Pats/Jets.

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by KontradictioN, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. KontradictioN

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    Even though it's between two ESPN hacks, I thought it was a pretty decent read. Not a mind-blowingly solid debate, but an entertaining one nonetheless.

    Double Coverage: Best divisional rivalry - AFC North Blog - ESPN

    Personally, I think it's no contest. Pats/Jets has more venom, more controversy, and more history behind it than Steelers/Ravens does. If the Browns are ever any good, Steelers/Ravens isn't even the hottest rivalry in it's own division.
  2. I agree. Nobody cares about the Steelers and the Ravens rivalry except for Steelers and Ravens fans.

    But the best rivalry in football is the Pats and Colts.
  3. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Pats/Colts is a respectful rivalry. There's no respect between the Jets and Pats.
  4. cartmen

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    There is no rivalry between a Hammer and a Nail :rocker:
  5. SpiderFox53

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    That line is awesome. If he'd started with that one, the article would have been very short. :D
  6. muslimman

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    Awesome line. Also Im pretty sure Graham just kicked Walker's @ss. Verbally.
  7. ausbacker

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    Steelers-Ravens is a better recent rivalry than Jets-Patriots. They seriously bash the crap out of each other every time they play. Perhaps if the Jets start winning more it'll be more of a rivalry but we've a 2/3 match win ratio against the Jets in recent seasons.
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  8. The rivalry between the Jets and Pats is starting to heat up like it did when Parcells and BB going to New York, BB going back to New England and Mangini going to New York.

    The Herm Edwards years sucked.
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  9. You can't be serious?

    Look at my above post and tell us that the Steelers/Ravens rivarly is better than the Pats/Jets or Pats/Colts.
  10. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Usually I'm right there with you, but you've lost me on this one.

    2006: Split
    2007: Pats sweep
    2008: Split
    2009: Split

    In 2010, if we beat them on Monday night, it will be another split. Meaning we will have split with them in four of the last five seasons. That's certainly not a 2/3 win ratio.
  11. Gunnails

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    closer to 1/3.

    The Jets rivalry has always been the Dolphins.

    Then there was the Bill Parcells, Bill Bilicheck, Curtis martin, Mangini, Tampering, Spygate, etc.

    The rivalry between the Jets and Pats is definitely heating up.

    And I like it.
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  12. lillloyd

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    You may say I'm biased but I'd say Steelers-Ravens. The reason's simple--the Jets just haven't been very competitive. (If the alternative was Pats-*Colts* I might have a different answer). The Jets have won, what, one division title since 2000? And until very very recently (ie last year) the Jets just haven't made much postseason noise so it doesn't feel like there's a ton on the line when those two play.

    Pittsburgh and Baltimore have won 7 of the last 9 North titles, so usually the division title is more or less at stake with these games. They've won 3 SBs since 2000, so it's not like the games don't matter.

    I know the style of the games isn't for everyone--they're bloodbaths, so big fans of offensive fireworks or fantasy football aren't interested--but there's no questioning that the games actually matter. Plus recently the games have been incredibly close (last 6 games decided by less than 7 points, 2 going to OT--the one exception being the AFC title game).

    If it were Pats-Colts I'd probably vote that way. The marquee nature (Brady/Manning) plus the more high-flying style probably has a much broader appeal.
  13. GrogansHeros

    GrogansHeros On the Roster

    For me it has to do with the regions...NE/Boston vs. NY is going to always be more heated than Pitt vs Baltimore...That being said I hate all NY teams:mad::mad::mad:
  14. RayClay

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    As an old time fan, we have never had a NY/Bos rivalry with the Jets except during the BB vs Parcells era.

    Our divisional rival has always been Miami. the funny thing is, years ago, Miami didn't even consider us a rival (for good reason) but we did. Must have been Shula. The snowplow incident, where Shula's head almost exploded, was like pulling God's pants down, it was awesome.

    If Miami was 9-2, I guarantee it would be more of a rival feeling and I don't know why. Rivalries aren't logical. I think part of it is the snowbird effect.
  15. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Ice_Ice_Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    Wow, I wouldn't consider either of these to be among the best rivalries in the NFL. The Patriots-Jets is good, but the any Jets fan will say the Phins are their biggest rival. Meanwhile, the only time I remember the Pats and Jets playing for something really meaningful was the Wild Card game in '06. You'd think that after so many years going head-to-head, there would be too many huge games to choose from.

    As for the Steelers-Ravens, the only thing I see in common is they both have whiny b*tch players. For Pittsburgh, it's pretty much their whole team, and the Ravens have Suggs. That and the star players of both teams are criminals. I would hardly call this a great rivalry either. They've both been good for the last decade, and neither has been good enough to sit atop the NFL in terms of reputation.

    The best rivalries in the NFL, based on history, are the Pats-Colts (simply because of Brady-Manning), basically every NFC East game, and every NFC game outside of the Lions.
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