Tie-Breakers with Baltimore?

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    Any tie-breakologists know who wins the tie-breakers between New England and Baltimore? If the Pats beat Tennessee, the Colts lose next week at home against the Dolphins, and Baltimore gets upset by Buffalo at home (unlikely, I know, but still...)the Colts get the 4 seed, and both the Ravens/Patriots would be 12-4. I know neither team has an out-of-conference loss...would common opponents come into play here? (NE: 2-0 vs Buf, 1-0 vs. Cin, 0-1 vs. Den: Bal: 0-1 vs. Buf, 1-1 vs. Cin, 0-1 vs. Den)
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    Confrance recored is the first tiebreaker (after head to head) and baltimore has a better on then us by 2 games so there is no chance for the 2 seed only the 3 seed
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    seattle actually is beating the chargers as of now and if that holts baltimore may actually be in chance to be the #1 seed...
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    What I want for New Years.
    Pats dominating win against the Titans. Take that team out now, instead of a week later.
    Colts loss to Miami, to give them the #4 seed.
    Jets loss to Miami giving the Jags a chance at the #6 seed.

    Pats face Jags in 1st round
    Colts face Broncs
    Pats and Colts or Broncs advance.

    In 2nd round,
    Pats go to Baltimore and pluck the Ravens,
    Indy /Broncs go to SD and win.

    AFC game at the Razor.
  5. AFPatsFan12

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    Ah yes, I forgot that one of the Ravens losses was to Carolina (wow, THAT feels like a million years ago)... nevermind...

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