Tice upset with Vikes fans for selling tickets...

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    Does anyone think before they open their mouths anymore? Here's a guy who got fined for scalping Superbowl tickets, and he is complaining that the Vikings fans, have jumped ship (pun intended) and sold a large amount of tickets to the Steelers fans.


    What he didn't think we remembered?
    What's up with this?
    They look like they are on the way to Elton John's wedding.
  2. Bill's Girl

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    OMG, that is funny!!! I didn't know Tiki was that short!

    Tice is a hypocritical putz!
  3. Pujo

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    Unless he's trying to be ironic.
  4. marty

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    moronic is more like it!
  5. alamo

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    I'll tell you what he is thinking... he doesn't equate fans selling tickets for their own game to opponents' fans, with selling Super Bowl tickets (where the Vikings aren't participating) for a few extra bucks.

    And he's right, they are completely different situations.

    His big mistake is not realizing people would make a joke out of it without thinking too hard about what he was really saying. Which was naive at best on his part.
  6. groundgame

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    The kettle calling the pot black.

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