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Throwback memories

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by FloridaHerb, Dec 1, 2009.

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    On November 16, 1959, Boston business executive Billy Sullivan was awarded the eighth and final franchise of the developing American Football League (AFL). The following winter, locals were allowed to submit ideas for the Boston football team's official name. The most popular choice—and the one that Sullivan selected—was "Boston Patriots". Immediately thereafter, Boston Globe artist Phil Bissell developed the "Pat Patriot" logo.

    I was born in Plymouth Mass in 1968 and even tho the Patriots were a bit older than I was I don't remember hearing much about them as a kid growing up...people didn't talk about them that much or if they did they'd sort of chuckle and the word "Patsies" was tossed around more often than their actual name.

    I remember going to Arlington and being exposed to the Red Sox by my uncle who would always be listening to it on the radio...to me the Sox will always be associated with the old timers who were there for the days of Ted Williams and even tho I do follow them and root for them the Patriots were always my team.

    We had the newspaper delivered and yet the sports section always was just tossed aside in my house so I picked it up, I remember seeing the black and white pictures inside of athletes and box scores and standings I couldn't begin to understand but I read the stories about the Red Sox, the Celtics, the Bruins and the Patriots...I was always the type of kid that would befriend the kid that was getting picked on (probably because I got picked on too!) so the team that won my heart was the Patriots...when the Celtics and the Bruins were decorating the Boston Garden with banners I remember asking "What about the Patriots?" The reactions were typically "Oh he's a kid...he doesn't know any better!"

    We had one television in the house in the living room, Saturday my Dad watched professional wrestling and Sunday my Mom watched old movie musicals. I asked for a TV for my birthday and got one...a black and white portable one that sat on my desk in my bedroom and was only to be watched "When it was too cold out to go out!" so during weekends in the late autumn and winter afternoons I finally got to see them play.

    I watched them all! I loved the team and could never understand how any team could ever beat them! I watched Steve Grogan shed his blood all over the field for my team for most of my childhood and then the most amazing thing happened....they were headed to the Super Bowl and I was right there with them, finally my dreams were coming true!!!!................well...I'll always hate the Chicago Bears for destroying the last bit of childhood innocence I had left that year but I'll always cherish those years.

    There are many Patriot fans like me, there are many Patriot fans that were there before me and there will be Patriot fans long after I'm just a memory but the memories I'll be taking with me will be taken with gratitude from the New England Patriots, with three championships and hopefully more on the way (this year, next year or in a hundred years) we all need to stop for a minute, reflect and give thanks for what this team has given all of us and stop asking "What have you done for me lately?"

    That isn't meant to be a slam against anyone on this board..just a gentle reminder and some throwback memories. :)

    Much love, Patriot Nation!

    - FloridaHerb
    (aka Herb Pearl)
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