Through The Looking Glass ~ Patriots Demolish Planet Hoosten, 42-14!!

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  1. Off The Grid

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    The Championship Quest: The Trenches, Defense, and Using The Whole Pig!!

    I am dabbling with the idea of a weekly column, focused on these Aspects that, in my opinion, weigh more vitally than all other considerations in any team's Pursuit of Super Bowl Glory.

    The Trenches ~ NT Vince Wilfork!!

    "It All Starts In The Trenches" ~ Fanatical Yankee, a Great-Looking American!! ;)


    No individual Position commands as much potential Impact on the course of a Game or a Season as does that of Nose Tackle...and NT Vince Wilfork ~ The Greatest Nose Tackle in All The Land ~ was dominant.

    1 ~ 00:16:45 on your Tape. On the Game's first Drive, Planet Hoosten quickly went right after us, first blasting a 12 Yard Run ~ bewilderingly reversed on an Illegal Procedure Penalty on my man LT Duane Brown (perhaps because his hand wasn't on the ground??) ~ and then ripping off an impressive 15 Yarder.

    The Hoosten O Line and Flex Back Arien Foster exploded out'f the Gates, and had quickly seized the Initiative.

    It is no exaggeration to suggest that we were staggering from these initial Blows...and then NT Vince Wilfork simply took charge, battling through a terrific Block by OC Christopher Myers to single-handedly reject Foster's surge through Left Guard, and redirect him towards the Center. And there Dragoon Trevor Scott, who had beaten RT Ryan Harris, pounced on Foster for a 1 Yard Loss.

    Two Plays Later, Planet Hoosten found itself Punting. I can't help but imagine that they were quite surprised.

    Those who play less than 60 minutes usually rue their lack of sustained Focus...But that doesn't change the fact the opening minutes of a Game wield far more lasting Impact on the rest of the Game than...the rest of the Game.

    And Planet Hoosten, looking, at first, like they were about to seize command of the Game right from the beginning...saw their Momentum suddenly and startlingly annihilated on a single Play.

    FootBall is an extremely emotional Game.

    The vast and far-reaching Impact of that one Play can not possibly be exaggerated.

    2 ~ 00:32:20. Two On One Fails: Second Hoosten Drive. Patriots up, 7-0. Hoosten with a 2nd & 14 at the Patriot 49. The Hoostens go with a Zone Block Off Left Tackle, and Wilfork first crushes RG Ben Jones, and then casually shrugs off RT Ryan Harris, before pouncing on XB Arien Foster for an extremely expensive 2 Yards!!

    3 ~ 00:33:45. Same Drive. 1st & 10 from the Patriot 23. OC Christopher Myers chips Wilfork, before heading downfield, and then RG Ben Jones tries to CutBlock Big Vince, but Wilfork just plants'm. Jones next reaches up from the turf where Wilfork had just deposited him, and grabs at Wilfork's ankles, hauling'm down with him...

    ...But too late: Wilork snatches XB Arien Foster for yet another weak 2 Yard Gain.

    At this point, the Texan Running Game ~ which had exploded out'f the Gates for a 12 and then a 15 ~ had now scraped together a mere 8 Yards on 4 Carries, since then...and were looking at a 2nd & 8.

    That doesn't quite force a Pass...but it certainly strongly suggests it, doesn't it?? ;)

    And QB Matt Shaub's 2nd & 8 Pass from the Patriot 21 was FS Devin McCourty!!

    It was only 7-0, mind you...

    From that moment, on...there was something exquisitely ominous in the Air.

    4 ~ 00:46:30. 14-0, Patriots. Late in the 1st Quarter. 3rd Texan Possession. Planet Hoosten is rapidly taking on water ~ thanks in great part to NT Vince Wilfork's blowing up both of their first two Drives with his Demolishing ways!! ~ and is facing a 3rd & 12 from their own 39.

    Yet again, the Hoostens Double Team Wilfork with RG Ben Jones and OC Christopher Myers.

    Yet again...they fail.

    Wilfork ~ I guess somebody forgot to tell Bill The Mad (Genius) that he's supposed to pull Wilfork on 3rd & 12's!! ~ corrals Jones, ignores Myers...and contemptuously swats the FootBall out'f Matt Shaub's hands!!

    The Hoostens were fortunate that Myers ~ can't say I'm not impressed with this kid's Athleticism & Fire!! ~ was able to beat everyone else to the FootBall ~ 20 Yards upfield, mind you!! ~ which allowed them at least the Dignity of a Punt...but at this Point, Planet Hoosten is now officially Shell Shocked.

    It is very well.

    5 ~ 00:59:10. Now it's 21-0, Patriots, early in the 2nd Quarter, and Shell Shocked Planet Hoosten is reeling...But they've just picked up 6 on 1st Down, for a 2nd & 4, and they're in a position to start gaining some Traction, and maybe start to work their way back into this thing.

    Or not.

    I'm going to perpetrate a Syntax Error, here, but that's OK:

    NT Vince Wilfork, Super Beast, is a walking Syntax Error.


    Hoosten tries to run it right up the Middle, and XB Arien Foster clearly thinks that his best bet is between Center and Left Guard, as he surges, thither...But at the last moment, Wilfork, after rejecting OC Christopher Myers, takes on athletic 340 Pound RG Brandon Brooks and ~ again: at the very last moment, as if he'd been toying with'm ~ hurls Brooks directly into Foster's Path, destroying the Play.

    One Play later, a shaken Planet Hoosten Punts yet again.

    The phenomenal Core Strength, Fluidity, and Core Power that Vince Wilfork displayed on that Play, in deftly ~ yes: deftly!! ~ hurling the extraordinarily Huge, Powerful and Athletic Brandon Brooks aside like a simple sack of Potatoes...was nothing short of awesome.

    A man as Huge and Strong as Vince Wilfork has no business being "deft"...but deft, he be...and astonishingly so.

    This is when it happened, Ladies & Laddies. when and how the Game was won.

    And where It happens.

    Championships are not Events.

    They are Processes.

    And this ~ if I may be forgiven the Presumption of declaring it ~ is when they are forged.

    6 ~ 00:59:50. The very next Play. Hoosten, 3rd & 4, tries ~ one might say: desperately ~ to convert a simple 3rd Down, by passing it over the middle...and NT Vince Wilfork, Great American, swats it down.

    3 & Out.


    7 ~ 01:10:35. 21-0, Patriots. On the next Hoosten Drive, they were finally Moving The Chains, and had gotten down to the Patriot 38 with a 1st & 10...

    Of course, they had done so in Wilfork's absence.

    As soon as he reentered the Game, things suddenly and immediately changed.

    First, DR Chandler Jones rudely rejected QB Matt Shaub's Pass, bringing it to 2nd & 10...And then, on 2nd Down, my man LT Duane Brown pulled from the left side, quickly got around in front of Wilfork, got squared up, got low...and got blown UP!!

    It was a perfectly executed Play...

    ...and by arguably the best Left Tackle in the Galaxy.

    ...right up until the part where he got destroyed!! :eek:

    Wilfork corralled young TailBack Justin Forsett, and held'm long enough ~ all the while hauling all 320 Pounds of Duane Brown around on'is back, mind you!! ~ for Will MidFielder Jerod Mayo to sail in and finish'm off!!

    And suddenly Planet Hoosten's fledgling Offensive was on Life Support: 3rd & 12 from the Patriot 40.

    And it, too, would fail.

    NT Vince Wilfork, Ladies & Gentlemen.

    The Greatest Nose Tackle in All The Land!!


    What I Saw!!

    Despite the overwhelmingly prevalent misconception that this "Passing League" has greatly reduced the Impact of what happens In The Trenches, the disturbing Truth remains that when the Eloi battle the Morlocks in The Only Games That Really Matter, in the Grim, Dark Depths of's the teams that win in The Trenches that, more often than not, end up emerging Victorious...and sometimes despite staggering Odds against them.

    The ridiculously unheralded Defensive Tackles remain the most crucial Components of every Team's Defense.

    Vince Wilfork is perhaps the best of them all.

    And the Impact he had on this Game was simply dominant.
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  2. mayoclinic

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    This can't be. PFF has shown conclusively that Wilfork is having a terrible year.
  3. italia44

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    OTG......Like Betty Davis to George Brent.......You leave me breathless:)
  4. WhoaDirty

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    You seem to know your stuff OTG, too bad I can't read it all. Your formatting makes it near illegible for me. :(
  5. Uncle Rico

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    Drink a couple of Red Bulls and try again.
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  6. patsfaninpa

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    Does anyone on the plane speak OTG? Just kidding. Love your work and enthusiasm.
  7. Mike the Brit

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    Even I could see that Mr Wilfork had a game of extraordinary awesomeness. Thank you for documenting it!

    (OTG may be an acquired taste, but, like the appreciation of Islay malt whisky and mature women, I can recommend acquiring it.)
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  8. SeymourTrophies

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    Wilfork and the incredible young athletes around him will make all rue the day they faced the All-Simms Front Seven.

    Truly a masterclass out there, and we won't see an offense as good as Houston until we play...uh, Houston. They have some incredibly dynamic players in the backfield.
  9. Off The Grid

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    Through The Looking Glass ~ Defense ~ Devin McCourty!!

    The Patriots Defense ~ A Return To Dominance!! ~ by Fanatical Yankee, a Great-Looking American!! :D


    FS Devin McCourty made an extremely pivotal Interception, early in the Game, Monday Night, of course.

    But his Impact on this Defense, since he switched to Free Safety 7 weeks ago, has dramatically exceeded the Impact of one Interception: The Patriots Defense has given up an average of 19.6 Points Per Game since then, which over a full Season would have us as the #4 Defense in the League. And we're getting better every week!!

    McCourty's move to Free Safety predated the arrival of CB Aqib Talib by three Games, and Talib's presence cemented that switch. Talib's acquisition was important to the evolution of our Defense, but even more critical ~ of far greater Impact ~ was McCourty's switch to Free Safety, which triggered a Ripple Effect that I predicted would, along with Talib's arrival, dramatically improve our Defense ~ The Ripple Effect!! ~ and my GOD, has it ever!! :rocker:

    Weeks #01 ~ #06 ~ 22.8 Points Per Game, which'd be the #17 Defense in the League, today.
    Weeks #07 ~ #13 ~ 19.6 Points Per Game, which'd be the #04 Defense in the League, today!!


    1 ~ 00:34:15 ~ That Play!! Patriots up, 7-0, Planet Hoosten driving, 2nd & 8 at the Patriot 21. QB Matt Schaub slings it towards the End Zone..and Devin McCourty leaps up and makes a beautiful, lunging Interception!!

    And the Game suddenly took on a deliciously ominous tone.

    What I Saw Through The Looking Glass

    Moving Devin McCourty to Free Safety, which allowed Steve Gregory to supplant Pat Chung in the starting lineup, the combination of which has liberated my man Mike MidFielder Brandon Spikes to ignore what's behind'm, focus on what's around him and attack what's in front of'm...has obliterated the Deep Middle Horror Show that haunted us for the first 6 Weeks...and had unleashed Spikes to wreak havoc!!

    And we are improving by leaps and bounds, Ladies & Laddies!!

    The dramatic improvement that I ~ and MayoClinic ~ foresaw is happening...right before our very eyes!! :rocker:

    For those scoring at home: Monday Night was a defensive domination of Planet Hoosten, which had been the #2 Offense in the League...and in one night fell to #4.

    A Return to Dominance?? :eek:

    Well, it's one Hell of a giant step in that direction...wouldn't you say?? :D
  10. ForThoseAboutToRock

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    I love it when Vince has a game like this - right on the biggest occasions. I seem to recall him being devastating during the 2011-12 AFC Championship. Just watch even the 1st minute of this video.

    Also - your use of the term Will MidFielder makes me think of calling him a "Wild Fielder" or something like that :cool:
  11. patsfan13

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    So we are seeing VW take things to a whole new level of dominance. As BB pointed out a good D involves everyone doing their job so their teammates can make plays. I think the development of K Love has allowed BB to unleash VW.

    Instead of clogging the middle and occupying a couple of blockers as his primary duty having Love as a Clogger allows VW more freedom to make plays when needed.

    This D given a little more development can be as good as ANY we have seen here including the championship D's.

    Return to dominance indeed.
  12. ForThoseAboutToRock

    ForThoseAboutToRock Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    I liked what I noticed out of Deadrick too. I think he got the start (for what that's worth) over KLove.

    Snap totals from Reiss:

    Ninko: 55/70
    Wilfork: 50/70
    Deadrick: 47/70
    Jones: 41/70
    Scott: 38/70
    Love: 32/70
    Francis: 17/70
  13. kurtinelson

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    Very astute analysis as always Brother OTG!
  14. patsfan13

    patsfan13 Hall of Fame Poster Supporter

    We were in sub packages a lot Deaderick is an interior rusher in that package in Cunningham's absence I believe. The Texans were in passing situations trying to get back into the game.
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  15. NSPF

    NSPF Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I love Ray Lewis in that video, "Field goals ain't gonna beat us!" Loses by three.

    Also, Gronkowski is just hilarious. "I'm back!!" "What happened when I was gone, did they intercept it right after?"
    Faulk - "Nah, we drove the ball down"
    Gronk, sounding disappointed - "Alright."
  16. Mike the Brit

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    Great post!

    I can't judge secondary play off the TV (and I haven't looked at the All-22) but it's just nice to have a safety that shows up on time -- you know, not crashing in to the receiver when the ball's in the air or sandbagging the cornerback when he's making a tackle or trying to strip the ball.

    If Gregory and McCourty continue to develop their timing, Talib and Dennard play as tight as they have without giving up too much PI and Arrington continues to revel in the slot. Well, who knows?

    (Side note: I thought the team had got there with Bodden and McCourty plus Chung and Meriweather with Butler for the slot last season. Only one survives as a starter and he's switched positions!)
  17. Off The Grid

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    Hah!! A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, can't it?? [​IMG]
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  18. Off The Grid

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    Thanks, good-looking. ;)

    Ahh...The Immortal Betty Davis...

  19. fnordcircle

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    "You're a complicated man, Smith, I'd love to do mushrooms with you."
  20. DocHoliday

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    Honest question - can anyone explain Baltimore's extremely successful gameplan during the AFCC last year?

    We had both TEs and a healthy Wes but no Lloyd and a weaker running game. Their defense was healthy, yes, but what did they do, and how did they adjust it early in the season to counter our new run O?
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