Through it All, Patriot Nation Stands Strong

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Grizzafted, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Grizzafted

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    This has been a tough day. A difficult day for Patriot Nation. Our image tarnished, our team slandered, our coach disparaged. We, the envy of the league for almost six years, are desparately clutching the creaking oak as our once invincible destroyer is tossed around on a stormy ocean, swept by merciless waves that threaten to break us in half, suck our spirit, and steal our pride.

    I, for one, am remaining at my post.

    I have not lost one iota of pride and love for the New England Patriots, our team, and our coaching staff. Not. One. Bit.

    Call me a homer, call me biased, call me blinded, but I am standing tall. I love this team, its leadership, its fanbase, and I still would not rather be a fan of any other professional sports franchise in this country. Even as every troll finds himself able to stand the light for five minutes, and with every envious league "source" in the NFL scrambling to throw mud on a franchise that they can only dream of standing next to, I believe in this team.

    Did a tape of defensive signals kick that ball through a snowstorm into the Gillette uprights? Did it shut down the greatest show on turf? Did it lay a cold weather Foxboro smackdown on both league MVPs in 2003, and then next year slaughter the best offense in football a week before going on the road into a hostile Pittsburgh stadium to shock the unstoppable 15-1 Steelers? Did that tape read the field under greater pressure than most people will ever experience, and then find David Givens for that last out route in January 2004, setting up the clutch kick that won us our second out of three titles? Nope. That was your New England Patriots, fellas. That was determination, guts, and the will to win.

    Let the Chargers and Jets fans have their day of righteousness. Meanwhile, stand firm in your knowledge that this is a team of destiny, and that despite the misleading press controversy drummed up in the echo chamber to sell newspapers, make analyst's careers, and jack up ESPN's ratings ... this team is going to stand firm, and prove to everybody just what it's made out of and what it means to be a champion. You think the New England Patriots are cheats and frauds? Get ready, NFL. You're all in BIG trouble.

    And me? I'm still here, proud as hell to wear my #54 Bruschi jersey, sending a big middle finger to all these jackals and vultures out there waiting to feed on the lion's carcass.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is:

    GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!
  2. PatsSox363804

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    I walked right into the sports store in the mall tonight and bought a new Patriots hat. This incident sucks but this has been my team for 25 years and they'l be my team until the day I die or the NFL folds (in other words, until I die.)
  3. BadMoFo

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    You make it sound like we are at war or something. It's freakin football.
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