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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ALP, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. ALP

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    seems no one wants to do this this week, so here goes...


    mr. meriwether, were art thou?

    2-5-4, i thought it was brilliant formation, put ur run stoppers in the middle, and then let the lb's rush the passer and move quickly, no fear of colts run game here....and it worked too, even w/ early injuries....but the guys were gassed at the end....they generated pressure in beginning, and didnt do anything in the end

    mcgowan, great job

    so, for all u wheatly haters....why did he get the wayne assignment instead of wilhite? or butler even?

    it was obvious what BB was thinking, butler takes slot, wheatly takes wayne w/ safety help....well, wheatly i thought played one hell of a game, regie wayne is a gamer, he didnt allow ONE easy completion, everything had to be perfect....too bad for us it was

    butler's guy maybe had one catch.....maybe

    bodden same as wheatly, although that td still a rookie

    DT's did their job really, i think it was a rotation of wilfork, pryor, brace and wright

    burgess, finally, want to see more

    ninkovich/bantacain....i hope ur allright

    many 3 and outs, primarily when we were fresh....good stuff

    guyton needs improvement


    the colts have a week run d, we should be able to run on them....we were able to run on them, hence we should have ran it on 3rd and 2....
    when u only need 2 yards, u should be able to get it no matter what

    maroney ran once again w/ great authority, something clicked w/ this guy in the denver game, and has stayed clicked.....too bad teh coaching staff doesnt give him the ball when they should

    kevin faulk....what amazing running....nice job, and u had the 1st down, dont worry, ur fans know the truth

    welker/moss same old, props

    brady is officially back

    vollmer = LT of future, and the guys a better run blocker then light

    kazcur = bad game of the year, hopefully only one

    nice pass protection for most part, as well as run blocking

    stanback? the QB-turned wr.....this guy will be just as good as edelman, liked what i saw

    final note: if this team does not get cofidence running the ball in say a 3rd and 2 situation to ice a game.....we will go nowhere

    i understand give it to your best guys, but thats when u need 4 yards or more....NOT when u need two yards....
  2. SladeRider

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    Mar 16, 2009
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    Re: Thoughts on the game....

    I agree with many others, if you know your going for it on 4th down, you run it on 3rd down and that makes me think, when the 3rd and 2 came up, I don't know if they thought about 4th down when desiging the play for 3rd down.
  3. convertedpatsfan

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    Re: Thoughts on the game....

    Yesterday was really awful. But I feel better today. One day to enjoy/cry, and then move on.

    Two major positives I take out of this game:

    1. Brady is most definitely back. He's been back, but there were still some questioning if he could do it against real competition. 375 yards, 69% passing, 3 TDs vs. 1 pick, 110+ rating and 34 points against the top defense for points allowed. This should (once and for all) kill the last of those claims that Cassel would be better.

    2. Seabass can be our LT. Again, the competition thing had some people (including me) unsure if Vollmer should be the LT. For most of the day, was solo on Freeney and kept Brady clean (with thanks to a little help from Mankins on one play). Kaczur had a rough game, so when Light returns, I see Nick going to the bench. Whether Vollmer stays at LT or switches over to the right, I don't know, but he definitely wasn't the reach that some draft experts claimed.

    So now it's time to focus on the Jets. In addition to the divisional implications, it's our chance at revenge as well.
  4. Patriot_in_NY

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    Yeah, the biggest negative I came away with from this game after 24 hours comes down to playcalling....... and tone (of the game). If you are in 4 down territory, with 2 to go.............. and you don't run on 3rd. That indicates 1 of two things, neither good. Bad play selection or NO faith in the run game.

    We went soft on O and D too, and that let Indy back in the game. We are really weak at the coordinator position.
  5. RhodyPatriot

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    Nov 10, 2007
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    Trends that concern me with the Patriots.
    *Brady is throwing a pick every single game when trying to force the ball to Moss in double coverage. That has got to stop because sooner or later that's going to happen in a huge spot during the game and will cost the Pats big time. Tom has got to show more patience and better judgement. We all know how great a receiver Moss is but if the play isn't there the play isn't there. Tom needs to maintain possession and keep the O, the real strength of the team, on the field.
    *Better hope Sammy Morris and Fred Taylor come back because they are the guys who will deliver a run game that's a legit threat. Larry Maroney needs to go away. When 90 year old Kevin Faulk badly outperforms Larry in the run game as he did on Sunday that is beyond inexcusable. Go away Maroney!
    *This defense wilts in the 4th quarter on the road. Gave up 4th quarter leads in Indy. If this team is winning anything this year that's got to stop. This D has got to step it up in a big spot on the road. If the defense is pissed because the coach had no faith in them (why should he with what they've shown in the 4th qtr this year) then let them make a statement against the Saints.
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