Thoughts on the B's Collapse

Discussion in 'Boston Bruins Fan Talk' started by joepatsfan, May 17, 2014.

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  2. SalemPats

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    I personally thought we were the much better team. Our time of attack was much higher and scoring chances were better. We had some flaws, a young defense that took a lot of risks, Chara was banged up and didn't play Chara hockey. We lacked that pure goal scorer when Seguin was traded. Montreal did a great job on the transition.

    But let's be honest Carey Price (and Lucic/Marchand missing open nets) was the difference. I thought the Pens outplayed the Rangers, but Lundqvist stole the series. It happens, in hockey sometimes the best team doesn't win
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  3. chicowalker

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    Price made a difference, but he easily could have been a goat if the Bruins had hit more nets than posts / crossbars.

    And while we may have lacked a pure goal scorer, Seguin didn't serve that role either in last year's playoffs, which was probably part of the reason he's not on the team anymore.

    The team had some uncharacteristic defensive lapses, didn't capitalize on a lot of scoring opportunities and had some bad luck. Montreal probably played about as well as they could. We were the better team, both in the series and throughout the season, but that's how it goes sometimes.

    edit: One other aspect of the Bruins game that took a downturn was their passing -- and that screws everything up. They weren't as accurate as they usually were during the season nor were they as accurate as Montreal was for much of the series. Part of that can probably be attributed to good defense from Montreal, but it well went beyond that.
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    Brutal. They need to spend time in the offseason practicing shots on "the goal".

    Bartkowski was putrid. Even Chara had his moments of ineptitude. Really disappointing after a great year.
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  5. captain stone

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    Completely agree. Kevin Miller & especially Bartkowski were/are ECHL-caliber suckage.
    Why does the Chiapet over-pay for Mezaros only to watch the Clod Julien not play him
    ahead of the weak-ass & dumb-ass Bartkowski?
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  6. captain stone

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    Speaking of the weak-ass & dumb-ass suckage of Bartkowski, the ChiaPet just signs him
    to a one-year $1.25M contract, IOW: a complete, utter waste of money.
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  7. captain insano

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    hopefully they trade him for some extra pucks or some skates.
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  8. The Brandon Five

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