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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PaulThePat, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. PaulThePat

    PaulThePat On the Game Day Roster

    A few thoughts from the UK on last night (this mornings !!) game:

    Game Winning Drive

    Must admit I feared the worst after Hanson’s terrible punt in the 4th. However, when we needed them most the defence came up big and got Tom Brady back on the field. The game winning drive will live with me for a while…it had everything. I thought we’d blown it when Brady was stuffed on the first 4th down and was thankful to see that the Ravens had done a Joe Gibbs and made a brain dead time out call. Brady’s scramble to get the 1st down had me believing again but before long we were back at 4th down. Once again it looked all over until I saw the flag for the hold on Watson…phew..we were still alive. Finally we got in but even then we had the agony of what looked like a pointless review of Jabar’s td catch.

    Game over…err…not quite. Meriweather’s dropped int gave us a few seconds more of heart failure before Boller’s hail Mary was stopped short of the end zone. Now it was game over and I could once more breathe easily.


    The Ravens didn’t win the Superbowl for no reason. As always they have a relatively limited offence but some great defensive players means that on their day they are a heck of a tough team to beat. Last night there is no doubt they played their best game of the season and were unlucky not to end our run. If the Ravens can play to that level week in week out and get some offensive help then they will be a threat in the AFC next year.

    Jabar Gaffney

    The new Mr Clutch :eek: Caught some great balls in the Eagles game and his game winning catch was fantastic. With the likes of Moss, Welker and Stalworth in the rotation Jabar has been patient but when his chance has come he’s taken it.


    I have to be honest and say that as much as I want to go 19-0 all I’m really concerned with is the Superbowl. Beginning to think the unbeaten thing is an added pressure we don’t need. The team needs to focus on one goal…at the moment there is no doubt despite what people say that we have our eye on the perfect season and the Vince Lombardi. I hope we get them both but I worry that one might cost us the other.

    Bring on the Steelers :rocker:
  2. BlitzFritz

    BlitzFritz Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Nice post, bloke!
    I concur that the perfect season pressure add extra stress - at least for us fans!
  3. montman

    montman Rookie

    As maybe the world’s biggest patriots fan, I thought I would offer a review of what I have been telling people all season. This is not the greatest team ever, it is not even close. It is a good team, with a very good offense. The defense is in the bottom third of the league. Teddy bruschi and Harrison, can no longer play. They are too old, and I suspect that they may have enhanced their bodies at one time. Take a look with your eyes Bruschi looks like he is 5 foot 10 at about 185. I am 6 foot 1 and 240, I would be better equipped to play middle linebacker in the NFL then Teddy. PS I love him too, but that does not mean he can tackle.

    I said before the game last night, that there is a blueprint to beating the pats. One, run all day up the middle. Two speed rush our two tackles light and Kazur. The t in tackle stands for turnstile.

    My 12-0 assessment

    QB A+ he is the real deal and we are a sub 500 team without him

    O-Line B a bunch of overrated white guys with beards that are getting all full of themselves.

    Running back Sammy Morris A+ Faulk A+ Maroney F ( what a piece of poop ) Evans etc ( who cares)

    Wide outs welker A+ Stallworth B+ Moss A and sliding fast. Please do not tell me he is the best I will take TO or Ocho Cinco over him any day. maybe about 5 others too. He is special when he wants to play. Jaws was right on him.

    Coach A+ He is the best ever, but other than Dante, I think he needs some help.


    Overall D

    Line B+ They have some talent here

    Linebackers Vrabel A+ a warrior Thomas B- I think he is hurt. He is better than what we are seeing. Seau C another warrior, but he is at the end of the spool. Bruschi. He was great, but F is the only grade I can give him. watch him on any given play. He is pitiful. He and Harrison love to jump on the pile after the play.

    D-Backs B Asante is the real deal Hobbs ( human toast ) is clueless, but he loves himself too like maroney. They both want the name Hollywood. The others, who are they? Harrison. Billick had it right when he kissed him goodbye. Time to go.

    Special teams-B I like Gostkowski’s kickoffs, That is the reason Vinateri is gone, he could not get the ball deep enough. Hanson smanson again who cares.

    Oh ya tight end. Ask Matt light how much he misses Daniel graham blocking on his left or Kazars right. One of those guys are going to get Brady killed. Just how many drops is Watson going to get? He makes the spectacular seam catch, but my tight end needs to block and go out 10 yards turn around and catch the damn ball and then carry a couple of guys 3 yards. That is a tight end.



    The coach












    Random thoughts. I think we have a 85% chance of finishing 16-0 a 20% chance of winning the Super bowl.

    I think we go out in the first round to San Diego

    Dallas is a better overall team. I know we won in Dallas, but that will not happen again.

    The best defense in the league when healthy is the colts. Sounds weird, but they are.

    Farve surprised me, but he sure looked like the old guy that has held that team hostage for 4 years ala Drew Bledsoe, in the last game.

    When Marvin Harrison comes back watch out.

    Bob Kraft is disingenuous. No matter what he says, money comes first.

    I could go on, but I gotta go. I would not rant like this, but I am so tired of everyone saying this is the best team ever, when they are not close. Grab you hoodie and warm boots and I will see you in section 114


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  4. PaulThePat

    PaulThePat On the Game Day Roster

    Brady does seem to have been feeling more heat lately...
  5. ClevTrev

    ClevTrev Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Good post, mate. I agree with the added pressure of a 19-0 season. Don't forget that most of this is due to the media's constant fanning of the flames, and from what the players say, they don't think about any of that. The Super Bowl is always the goal for every season. How it's achieved has little bearing on its achievement.
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