Thomase disses Jarvis Green

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by kurtinelson, Jul 27, 2006.

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    Not a big deal, but Thomase, describes Jarvis as failing to "take the next step". What exactly do you expect from the 4th D-lineman on the depth chart who competes for playing time with 3 No. 1 draft picks? I think Jarvis could probably start for 75% of the teams in the NFL.
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    No big deal..but it shows how Tomase is basically a poor rookie writer..Do you think they would have extended Green last year if they didn't think he was a solid performer?? He's a very good backup, situational player and one that makes the line stronger..NOT weaker. If anyone has failed to step it up, it's Tomase..VERY poor in my opinion.
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    Well, Green has not made himself into a starter, has he? Didn't the Pats draft Warren while Green was already on the team? Green has never had more than 4 sacks in a year, or more than 25 tackles, but has the FOURTH highest cap hit on the team. Saying that Green "is a solid pass-rushing end who has nevertheless failed to take the next step," seems fairly accurate given the facts.

    Ease up on the kool-aid gents...:eek:
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    Just a point of information. Tomase is no rookie writer. He may be new to the Herald, but he worked at the Lawrence Eagle Tribune for 5-10 years (I forget).

    Tomase just plain stinks as a writer.
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    Didn't Green "step up" and replace (very Capably) an injured Seymour during our playoff run in 2004/2005 ?

    Even though he's not a starter, per se, Green is kind of like a the NFL version of an NBA sixth man or role player.
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    Back to BB's 'value' concept again, something the sign Branch at all costs folks miss. A solid multi-position flexible backup like Green is more valuable to the Pats than to another team. BB likes to rotate players and mix up the D. Green fills all roles competently.
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    I think Tomase is good. His point about Jarvis is fair. He hasn't "taken the next step," forcing his way into the starting lineup. It might be underselling Jarvis's value, to some degree, because there is such tremendous depth and investment (and only 3 starting spots), but still I think his is an arguable point.
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    If he did/does force his way into the starting lineup, would that make Seymour or Warren a lesser player...?

    As much as we liek to say draft status is not important, as a former 4th rounder Green has surpassed my expectations.

    To me, not taking the next step should refer to someone who doesn't seize an opportunity that is presented. Like if a starting role is clearly up for grabs and the guy doesn't earn it. For example, if Sandersor Gus Scott don't snatch a starting safety spot from stopgap Artrell Hawkins, that would be an arguable point.

    I just think Tomase is picking on the wrong guy here...
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    Green played very well in Seymour's absence in the 2004 playoffs. Based on that, Green's '05 play fell way short of expectations. With Green starting, the Pats run defense struggled and the pass rush suffered. Green had a golden opportunity to carve a nitche for himself and failed, for whatever reason. IMO, he'll bounce back in '06.
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    While what he briefly mentioned about Green is wrong, I respectfully disagree with you about Tomase as a writer. This piece from today is the best analysis I've read in a major Boston paper in a long time:
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    Not to merge this with another thread, but was the peceived poor run defense Green's fault, or more due to the Brown/Beisel combo in the middle ?

    In the five games Green started, including four playoff teams, the Pats defense allowed 3.7 ypc. For the season, it was 3.6 ypc. With Green the pats had 2.0 sacks per game, without Green 2.1 sacks. Not much difference, IMO.

    Again, I just think he's not the guy to scapegoat.
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