Thomas a Patriot, Per Reiss w/ link

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  1. stevedogc

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    as long as he passes a physical and with no last minute issues

    March 02, 2007
    Thomas update
    The Patriots are scheduled to host linebacker Adalius Thomas at Gillette Stadium on Saturday, and assuming he passes a physical and there are no last-minute hitches, the sides should finalize a blockbuster deal that will make Thomas a Patriot, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

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    #54 Jersey


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  4. stevedogc

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    As soon as its official everyone needs to turn of whatever form of tv, radio, etc that they are listening to so you can hear the collective "ah crap!" being said by all Colts, Dolphins, Jets etc. fans.
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    F YEAH! :rocker:
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    As predicted, the Patriots address a key weakness. Great signing.

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