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    There were many delicious upsets this weekend from the perspective of a Pats Fan.
    The Bills completed the destruction of the New York Jets. The Phins have been revealed to need a top to bottom rebuild; that's why Saban bailed.
    The Bills have found a new QB, but are so beat up they are done for this season. But we have found our competition for later in the Decade. I have always respected the Bills and like Levy's intelligence. They play real football too. Not the rules manipulated, panty-waist play, of the Colts.
    I even had the opportunity to see, in person, the Cardinals shock the Pittsburgh Steelers. The steelers will represent the AFCN in the playoffs, so a loss on their record adds a half game to HFA for the Pats.
    The Old Browns lost to the New Browns and I am happy for RAC; he just may keep his job. No one deserves it more. He undertook to clean the Augean Stables and start from below scratch, in building the expansion Browns. It's working.

    The Chiefs have completed the psychological demolition of the Chargers that the Patriots pasting unleashed. They have the look of a completely unraveling organization.
    The only said note, was that the Donks weren't able to drive Manning and Company from the unbeaten ranks. But a loss on their record may mean HFA if we have to play the Donks in the playoffs, as the Chargers unravel.

    Finally the Colts won and remain unbeaten. But it appears to be a very Pyhrric Victory.
    We know Polian, the rules manipulator, dumped 9 starters in FA to keep a bunch of rooks for Cap control. This shredded the Colts depth, but didn't touch their Stars. But the Donks did.
    The Colts won, but at a potentially devastating cost. The Colts lost WE Marvin Harrison to a knee; RB Joseph Addai to a shoulder; SOLB/MLB Rob Morris to a torn ACL and IR; genuine TE Bob Utecht to injury; and SS Bob Sanders having played his prescribed four games for the season, to a rib injury. Sander at 5'6" and supposedly 200#s, as is his pattern, has once again injured himself from outplaying his body.
    Only LB Rob Morriss' injury is certainly season ending for sure. The length of loss of the others is still to be determined, but will hurt because the Colts are so doggone thin. They can ill afford any injuries anywhere, and least of all to their Offensive stars that let them simply play catch, and outscore their opponents.
    If Harrison is lost for any amount of time and a sprained knee is typically 3-4 weeks, we shall see just how the pitch and catch game goes. Even though they used a first on a good WR Antonio Gonzalez. AG was drafted to replace the slot position that Stokely held on the Colts; just like Welker and Brown do on the Pats. But I don't think the rook is ready.
    In the absence of Stokely, the Colts have turned receiving TE Dallas Clark into an Hback, and slot receiver. They moved unheralded Bob Utecht into the TE spot. Now there is no one to play TE unless Clark goes back there, and then AG must play the slot WR role. Even then, who plays in Marvin Harrison's old spot? Juggle, Juggle, Juggle. Tony Dungy will earn his pay trying to make too few pegs, fit into too many holes.
    On most any other teams, a mere or even minor injury to a WR and reserve TE wouldn't seem too much of a problem. But the Colts whole philosophy is to outscore opponents with their perfected passing machine. They certainly don't have a running game that is feared in its own right. It is at best, a complement. (and now that may be gone too). For certain, no one respects the Colts Defense when asked to play from behind or on an even-up basis. Even when they have Sanders, which they no longer do.
    We shall see.
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    Re: This weeks games

    Some compelling extrapolations here.
    The reasoning seems solid.

    How many of the key predicates are true, however?
    Will Marvin ... Sanders ... Morris ... Addai really miss time (or be less effective)?

    Don't wish anyone to be injured.
    But it sure would be a novelty to watch the World Champions play
    at less than full strength!
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    Re: This weeks games

    My own comments:
    Last week, down the stretch, the Colts ran effectively to seal the game. No, they are not known for that dominating rushing attack, but they execute well on offense, and that is not limited to the passing game.

    As far as "... the Colts whole philosophy is to outscore opponents...". :)
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    Re: This weeks games


    The Colts ran the ball down the Donkees throats. Addai is looking to be an All-Pro this season. He is #3 in rushing right now.
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    Re: This weeks games

    Gee Surprise Surprise. The Donks lost a great MLB to a career ending injury. I really respected and liked Wilson's play. And there was a reason why RAC traded off the Browncos duds; after a year are any left in Bronco land?

    Addai is a good well rounded RB. But now he is injured. Who is his backup's name, once again? ;)
  6. denverpatsfan

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    The hiring of Bates was going to cure the Donks run D. For whatever reason they benched quite a few of the off-season pick-ups for the Colts game.

    Al Wilson was a great linebacker but was released due to an injury. He may never play football again.

    At any rate I see Addai continuing his top level of play this season.

    Honestly I have no idea who the back-up is...
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    Rumors of the Colts demise have been greatly exagerrated. Rob Morris has been much ridiculed on this site in the past, and their other injuries don't look to be severe. They remain our only competition, and it will take our best to beat them in the RCA dome.

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