This week's games - and your predictions

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    Favorites in BOLD. My picks in red.
    Spreads from Sportsbetting. As of Tuesday, Sept. 4th.

    Thursday, Sept 6th

    New Orleans at Indianapolis -6

    Sunday, Sept. 9th

    Atlanta at Minnesota -3
    Carolina at St. Louis -1
    Denver at Buffalo -3.5
    Kansas City at Houston -2.5
    Miami at Washington -3
    New England at N.Y. Jets -6.5
    Philadelphia at Green Bay -3
    Pittsburgh at Cleveland -4.5
    Tennessee at Jacksonville -7
    Chicago at San Diego -6
    Detroit at Oakland -1
    Tampa Bay at Seattle -6
    N.Y. Giants at Dallas -6

    Monday, Sept. 10th

    Baltimore at Cincinnati -3
    Arizona at San Francisco -3


    Dec 4, 2006
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    #12 Jersey

    My Picks and scores

    New Orleans 31 Indianapolis 23 - New CBs of Indy learn the hard way


    Minnesota 20 Atlanta 12 - Adrian Peterson shows future greatness 125 yds

    St. Louis 27 Carolina 17 -Panthers D tires in 2nd half of an early close game

    Denver 30 Buffalo 10 -TJ Losman throwing against Bly and Bailey? :eek:

    Houston 13 Kansas City 10 -Texans start off well in hopes of a good season

    Washington 28 Miami 27 -Toss a coin to decide this one,Evenly matched IMO

    New England 24 NY Jets 20 -Tough game throughout-Maroney with 115yds

    Philadelphia 23 Green Bay 16 -Defense wins game with a int return for TD

    Cleveland 23 Pittsburgh 20 (upset special) -Romeo keeps job at least for now

    Jacksonville 17 Tennessee 14 -Two good defenses battle it to the wire

    San Diego 27 Chicago 14 -SD will easily win first home game - Rex with 3 ints

    Oakland 20 Detroit 19 -Another close toss of coin game,Oakland has better D

    Tampa Bay 16 Seattle 10 -Upset in Seattle,Alexander gets shut down

    Dallas 23 NY Giants 21 -Its a put up or shut up year for both Romo and Eli

    Cincinnati 17 Baltimore 14 - Great divisional battle to go down in week 1

    San Francisco 33 Arizona 28 -Should be a fun high scoring game,Gore 140 yds
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    #18 Jersey

    (Not picking against the spread)

    New Orleans over Indy
    Atlanta over Minnesota
    St. Louis over Carolina
    Buffalo over Denver
    Houston over KC
    Washington over Miami
    New England over NY Jets
    Philadelphia over Green Bay
    Pittsburgh over Cleveland
    Tennessee over Jacksonville
    San Diego over Chicago
    Detroit over Oakland
    Seattle over Tampa Bay
    Dallas over NY Giants
    Cincinnatti over Baltimore
    Arizona over San Francisco
  4. FreeTedWilliams

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    #75 Jersey

    This week will go a long way to deciding if the Pats have the first or second pick in the third round next year. With both the Raiders and the Chiefs (their main competition for the worst record) playing games that they might actually win (OAK vs DET, KC vs HOU). Let's hope Herm can pull one out, and the Raiders stake their claim to the worst record.

    As for our other rooting (against interest), if Arizona can beat SF, SF will be staring a very, very rough start to their season, as their opening schedule gets very tough after Arizona.....

    16-Sep @St. Louis-at the Dome on a short week, that will be tough
    23-Sep @Pittsburgh-back to back trips east, and Pitts is always tough
    30-Sep Seattle-won't get swept by them
    7-Oct Baltimore-will make Smith beat them, don't think he can
    Week 6 BYE
    21-Oct @N.Y. Giants-long trip back east.
    28-Oct New Orleans-too good for them
    4-Nov @Atlanta-third trip to the east coast, another good running team.
    12-Nov @Seattle-Seattle is tough at home.
    18-Nov St. Louis
    25-Nov @Arizona
    2-Dec @Carolina
    9-Dec Minnesota
    15-Dec Cincinnati
    23-Dec Tampa Bay
    30-Dec @Cleveland

    If they don't beat AZ, they could easily be staring 0-6 right in the face!

    the second half of their schedule is much easier, especially now that Vick will be in prison and not on the field.
  5. makoute

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    Thursday, Sep. 6
    New Orleans at Indianapolis 8:30 pm

    Sunday, Sep. 9
    Atlanta at Minnesota 1:00 pm
    Carolina at St. Louis 1:00 pm
    Denver at Buffalo 1:00 pm
    Kansas City at Houston 1:00 pm
    Miami at Washington 1:00 pm
    New England at N.Y. Jets 1:00 pm
    Philadelphia at Green Bay 1:00 pm
    Pittsburgh at Cleveland 1:00 pm
    Tennessee at Jacksonville 1:00 pm
    Chicago at San Diego 4:15 pm
    Detroit at Oakland 4:15 pm
    Tampa Bay at Seattle 4:15 pm
    N.Y. Giants at Dallas 8:15 pm

    Monday, Sep. 10
    Baltimore at Cincinnati 7:00 pm
    Arizona at San Francisco 10:15 pm

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