This Warren vs. That Warren

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by QB12, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. QB12

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    I know it's only 1 preseason game but I'll take the Gerard Warren we have vs. the Ty Warren we don't. Gerard was knifing through the offense with an attitude, which Ty Warren hasn't played with in at least 4 years. Ty has gotten soft, and the image of him unable to corral the bull that Ahmad Bradshaw is in the Super Bowl is an image I can't shake. Ty's soft, and until he regains his edge, I'll take this Warren over that one.
  2. Tasco

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    The point imho is not this Warren over that Warren...the point is both Warrens over Wright or Pryor.
    We'll have a Warren-Wilfork-Warren line if Gerard keeps it up.
  3. mgteich

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    We would also have Wright as then first one off the bench and as a 4-3 DT. When Ty comes back, we will have a solid four man rotation. I would note that last year, four defensive linemen were involved in 40-60% of the defensive reps. No one was involved more. The #5 was involved in less than 30% of the reps.

    My personal feeling is that we have also found our #5 in Lewis, an upgrade over Pryor.

    We needed to find the replacement for Green on the DL. We have found him!

  4. TommyBrady12

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    well, we may not have a choice now. ty warren is possibly out for the year according to michael holley (see the official thread on this).
  5. mgteich

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    As I posted in the other post, this is good news for Pryor. He is now a lock. We have five defensive players we can count on. Pryor is OK as a number 5, as he was last year when he particiapted in 27% of the defensive reps. However, it would good to see growth over last year in his level of play.

    And yes, Pryor will have every opportunity to compete with Lewis for reps.
  6. Which play are you talking about?

    I agree with you and that Ty has regressed since his best year in 2006. Teams could not run on his side and he had a career high in sacks.

    And the how the hell is Ty Warren injured? Has he even practiced since training camp started?
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