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    that great Celtics team of the mid '80's - Bird, Parrish, McHale, Johnson, Ainge, Walton, etc. There was no doubt they'd win every night, it was just a question of how much they'd win by! All I can say is, enjoy this while it's happening. It seemed like that Celtics team would go on winning forever but we all know how that worked out. We have something special here New England, enjoy it!
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    'I've always felt that there are 4 levels of teams and this is applicable at all levels
    1) The team that is so poor that they can only HOPE to win if everything breaks right and are overjoyed if things go right and they win (Raiders,Browns)
    2) The team that is LEARNING to win, has talent and are enjoying the experience. I'd put the 49ers and Cardinals in this category. They have to learn to overcome a losing mentality.
    3) The team that EXPECTS to win based on their experience and talent level. I'd put the Chargers in this category (maturity or lack thereof aside )
    4) The team that is PI**ED off when they lose because they demand excellence and are not satisfied with anything less than a championship.
    I'd put the Pats and the Colts in this elite status.

    IIRC that Celtic team you refer to went 40-1 at home and the players said that the practices were tougher than many games with the second squad (Walton, Wedman, Carlisle,Sichting and???) capable of winning 50+ games. Like this team, they were on a mission and nothing less than a championship would satisfy them.....
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    With this team there are no suprises, you know they will score exactly 38 points, week in and week out!
  4. Fanfrom1960

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    Hard to top those particular Celtics, but, in football, the 1980s 49ers. They also made it look like taking candy from a baby in a lot of games, and of course, they also had a great QB with a great receiver. At RB, could Maroney get up to Roger Craig's level? Possible. Finally, both teams...pretty damn good defense.

    That was easy. Next question?

    Disclaimer: it's still very early.
  5. Michael

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    I like it. I can almost hear Johnny Most now. "Brady has the ball. He fiddles he diddles. He Stops he pops! This place is going crazy!"
  6. All_Around_Brown

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    1) Pats prior to 1995
    2) Pats from 1995-2000
    3) Pats from 2000-2005
    4) Pats from 2005-present
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    Funny story about those 86 Celt's. They went 40-1 at home that season. An all time record. My first Celtics game I went to we lost to Portland. Talk about someone feeling like a jinx?
  8. RonBorges

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    I still think they suck.
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    and Greg Kite!
  10. Patriotic

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    And Bird would joke about McHale "He never saw a triple team that he didn't like." We could be saying that about Brady throwing to Moss.
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