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This season proved just how great Brady is and what is next for Pats

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by shatch62, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. shatch62

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    Dec 13, 2004
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    This season was not the season we have come to expect out of Brady. He threw some really bad INTs and his TDs were down. Because of this a lot of people are really down on him. Personally I think this season proves Brady is a fantastic QB. Think about the Pats team this year. Beside Brady name a player on the team that is arguably in the top 5-10 at his position. Here are the guys I think are top 5-10


    That's it. Look at the teams that made the playoffs. If you had to rank the playoff teams by positions the Pats would have ranked near to bottom at DB, LB, TE, WR (without Welker) and RB. Basically Brady was playing with very little room for error. This off season is going to be huge. They need to get at least 2 playmakers on D. A RB that can get the tough yards a legit 3rd WR (Wes will be out most of the year) and a TE that can catch the ball.

    I know that this will never happen but I would love to see the Pats do the following:


    As there are no RBs in free agency the Pats will need to deal for one or draft one. Toby Gerhart of Stanford is not flashy but he is north/south runner that has great size (6'1" 235). Jonathan Dwyer of Georgia Tech has more speed and could be a good pro back as well.

    Get a solid complementary receiver like Kevin Walter (Houston Texans). Walter's has good size (6'3" 215) and has averaged 59 receptions over the last 3 years.

    Get a TE like Tony Scheffler (Denver Broncos) who can be an asset in the passing game. His numbers are way down this year but he still could make plays for us.

    Bring back Wilfork to play NT.

    Johnny Jolly (GB Packers) is a quality 3-4 DE and he is only 27. He's excellent against the against the run, but can't really rush the passer.

    Get a player that can get to the QB. There are some big names available like Peppers and Dumervil but they will be too expensive. Ray Edwards (Minn) is a DE that could maybe switch to OLB (6'5" 268) and is coming off a 8.5 sack season. He won't be cheap but he might be available.

    The DBs have been average to bad this year but it is more a reflection of the brutal pass rush.
  2. RhodyPatriot

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    Tom Brady will be fine. He overcame a ton of difficulties and adversity this year and most not of his own making. A healthy and motivated Tom Brady will be a force next year. It's going to huge for Tom coming into next season that he knows his knee can hold up through an entire season. The psychology of that injury really wore on Tom this season. He's going to be a bear next season. Tom has alot of pride and that pride was bruised mightely yesterday.
    BB needs to hire a O-coordinator and just leave him and Tom alone to work out the offense. That will free up BB to work solely on the defense. I think it was a huge problem for BB this season that he wore too many coaching hats and spread himself too thin. He needs to concentrate on the D and let Brady and his O coach run the offense.
    As long as we have Tom Brady and Bill Belichcik we're going to have a winning football team. Keep the faith gang!!!
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