This Patriots offense with Keenan Allen instead of Dobson

Discussion in 'The Practice Squad' started by NG Pats Fan, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. JMC00

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    Moe wasn't a typical redshirt he got injured in June and the Pats put him on IR and there was just no-way he was ever going to be ready for this season.

    As for Harrison, a redshirt year will do him good. I think it was better to hold him out and let him learn the playbook than throw him into the fire this season.
  2. JMC00

    JMC00 Pro Bowl Player

    And while not technically a receiver Vereen was basically red-shirted.
  3. ripatsfan91

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    I really like Mark Harrison's prospects next year if he can make the conversation to the "move" tight end... imagine that guy running the seam with a legit 4.3 40
  4. varjao

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    I think we could have drafted both WR and Collins. That last draft was deep enough.

    There was a risk though. I can't bash BB on that, player with injury history, knee, it was the right decision. I'm happy with Dobson and Boyce, plus KT is an unexpected profit.

    B+ draft in terms of WR with not a lot of ammo.
  5. RIpats88

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    Dobson has looked really good since his injury..took him awhile to learn the offense but since he has he's been a big time contributer on the outside
  6. 50-yard-line

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    Many receivers from this draft are going to stick and do very well.

    Keenan Allen, of course.
    De'Andre Hopkins was doing great until the Texans exploded.
    Tavon Austin has made a few plays where you go "What?!"
    Patterson has stud potential.
    I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting - strong WR class (and just when we needed it!).

    And with all of that, I'm trying hard to figure out why anyone would do a what if on the WR position. We got Aaron Dobson, Kembrell Thompkins, and Josh Boyce in ONE DRAFT! Holy crap. After watching Boyce on Sunday, is there any reason to believe that all three of these guys aren't legitimate NFL receivers?

    And at least two (Dobson and Boyce) have as much potential as any of the others who came out, excepting maybe Austin and Patterson (who'll have a long way to go to get anywhere near his potential).

    That's a win.
  7. KontradictioN

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    With Gronk, Edelman, Amendola, and Vereen in the line-up, the Pats have had more targets in the passing game in their line-up than San Diego has. Not to put a damper on what Allen has done, but he's pretty much their premier target there in a more simplistic offense so, naturally, Allen has had the better rookie season of the two.
  8. PATSNUTme

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    This is the second Allen thread this year. I'll send it to join up with the other one.

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