This next game is for every 20th to 7th round QB in the draft.

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    Tebowmania is over for now. But its time to carry that momentum and make the statement Brady really wants to make. No doubt Tim Tebow was a huge underdog this year and what he accomplished is pretty great in my book. He handled his fame the way a lot of first rounders should handle it.

    Now the Pats have the spotlight, and even after all these years, no one is talking about any quarterback that's in the later rounds this year. It's all Luck and RGIII. I am very confident the 49ers team with Alex Smith, another first rounder who really grinded it out and did what he was supposed to do, will get past Eli Manning this weekend.

    This year was about blowing up myths, proving them wrong, and breaking down barriers and illusions. There's still a few more points left to make. You can't get to a super bowl without a strong team and leader. You can't get to a super bowl without a great coach. You also can't get there without a great defense. But the stats in the NFL, are no different than the "status" of the draft picks coming out of college. The popular ones, just don't tell the whole story.

    "Defense wins championships."

    No. It happens rarely when a defensive player takes one down for a score. But usually it's the offense that scores the points.

    BUT.. defense helps you win championships, defense is what makes 4th quarter comebacks possible and if this team didn't have one of the best in the league, the Patriots and Tom Brady, wouldn't be here once again. To get to a superbowl and then win one you still have to be the best team.

    Said the Patriots, nevermore.
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