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  1. hard to accomplish.

    Now, I know our Defense was porous (at best), and offense looked out of sync for most of the game.

    But I'll give tons of credit to the Ravens defense (and Offense, for staying on the field). Last week a .500 Eagles team had me on the edge of my seat most of the game.

    This week a team that has lost 5 straight (I think?) was two yards away from ending the Streak.

    Teams bring their best now, just to be That Team, but I like our chances, this is why we've been going full throttle all season, and these are the Patriots I remember, squeaking out wins in entertaining football games.

    Not that I don't like blowouts....
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    It gets tough down the stretch when you're playing medicore teams. The highlight of their season could be defeating the Patriots who were on their way to an undefeated season. It becomes increasingly difficult each week, and the opposition just lays it all out on the table.
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    teams want to share in the history so they play 110%
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