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this is what we need

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by bbell31, Feb 23, 2010.

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    olb, stud center, swing tackle-kaczur and light are still overrated imo, we are good at guard with mankins, connolly, ohrnberger, bussey, etc...good blocking tight end either late in draft or in free agency, 3-4 becuz i think jarvis green needs to go and wright is just a solid versatile backup, ilb depth if mckenzie duznt work out, guyton and mayo had terrible years imo compared to their rookie promises, and back end corner depth...id like us to be aggressive in free agency and consider the cromarties and peppers around the league.

    players that need to go: kaczur, jarvis green, and adalius thomas

    positions to look at in free agency and the draft are: olb, 34 end, C, T, RB, big wr, te, ilb depth or value starter, punter, and possibly cb backend depth

    players i like for pats: peppers, brandon graham, odrick, kindle, mike johnson, anthony davis, austen lane, sean witherspoon, jeremy beal, maurkice pouncey, rob gronkowski, aaron hernandez, one of the top 3 punters in f/a or college,
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