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Discussion in 'The Practice Squad' started by 51Hits, Nov 19, 2013.

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    Let me lead off by saying this, I remember back in the 06 season when we fell to the colts. I came on here under the name bionicpatriot, I went on saying our run at the top was done, our invincible "aura" is gone i said. And ever since, it's looking prett accurate.

    At this point this team is like a declining product. Yeah sure, well win our **** division, we might even win a wild card playoff game! But best believe, when that tough team comes to punch us in the mouth this team will fall. Ya know why we've become the giants and ever other pshyicals teams *****? Because bb can't build this team right.

    Before you freak out and say bb is the best, realize that his sbs were won with parcels assistans and draft picks. Ever since all those coaches/players moved on we've been nothing better than the 03-05 colts. Pretenders acting like contenders, that choke in big games more than a call girl chokes when she's working. I'm sick of seeing Brady sacked 3+ times every big game. You'd thing after not doing **** with this group since 2010 bb would have improved it. Wrong. He's filled with too many cheap fill ins. The only quality players this Ol has is mankins (declining) solder (awful year) and vollmer ( the fat glassman)
    When bb stopped being cheap on defense, we actually started adding talent. It was amazing seeing a guy like mayo added after suffering from bb making us depend on hofs like monty beisil, Leon Paris, etc . Remember all those years we heard how smart bb was for trading down? Yeah, that never to success.

    My point is, this is an averae group holding down a hof qb. If his coach could give him players that could protect him, or actually hold a lead in a big game te guy would have aeast two more rings. Sorry folks, I've worshipped the ground bb has walked on blindly since I was 13 like many of you. Ten years and many failures later, it's clear at this point.

    Other coaches have had more success then bb yet he's heralded as the best in the business. Brady said it himself , "I don't want respect for what I did ten ears ago, I want the guys playing with me today to have something to respect"
    If only bb could do this.

    And then look at this year, bb actually puts a good d on the field, that can't stay on he field. Kind of like every other ****** season. Injuries happen sure, but every year this team loses at least a couple staters to tears, etc. are they not stretching everyone or what? If I see one more ******* injury to a linemen/receiver/db I'm gonna lose it, naw just kidding. You get used to it after it happens every year.

    So at this point, I don't know what to say because bb hasn't done **** with this team but waste it for a decade now. You can boo and hiss and say in bb we trust all you want. Look at the facts people. Any coach would win with Tom Brady. It takes something special to win championships. ( other talent) we can't get that. I don't know how many times I've seen better olines and defenses during our choke artist run. But the only way well ever win again is with a Ol that isn't awful and a defense that can stay healthy. None of which had happened the last decade so why would it now? Bbs safe for now, but three years from now and just more failures hes gonna be run out of town. The patriots went from badass champions to the soft ass colts. I just love watching my hof qb be wasted :)

    Remember, in bb we trust. It's gotten us to the top sooo many times the last decade:), oh wait....:(

    Not saying I want bb gone yet but one more year if trotting out another **** roster that fall to injuries and all that we need to boot his ass. If any other coach did the same choking year after year he's be gone. Hell we've choked as much in the last decade as the sox have almost their whole existence. This is torture that needs to stop. And yes it is torture, constantly turning out a roster that's full of pretenders that falls flat time and time again. Eventually brady will just retire and then **** hit the fan. if brady retires today, he wouldnt be considered the greatest. thats bills fault, he knows how to ride brady to regular season wins but he sure as hell cant fill the d with good healthy players. again if you dosagree please show me the postseason success ive mosses out on.Obviously bb needs some help because he's not taking care of this team.

    I'm gonna love the reaction to this;) please excuse any typos typing on phones stinks.
  2. PatsFan24

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    Two plays away from winning two more Super Bowls.
  3. PatsFan24

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    Our only chance of getting to the Super Bowl this year is if we bring back Randy Moss
  4. 51Hits

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    If bb could fill a roster with players like branch back in the day and not useless stat whores like welker maybe we win of those superbowls. Or of the oline doesn't get brady killed all day it probably doesn't come down to that.
  5. SVN

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    since you believe this, no point in filling this thread further.
  6. PatsFan24

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    Good point. Welker didn't add ANYTHING to the Patriots.
  7. 51Hits

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    By the time moss would get 15 years downfield Brady would be faceplanted
  8. PatsFan24

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    Sorry. I thought this was the type of thread where we were expected to post ridiculous comments.
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    **** happens man. we should have won two more SB's if not for a fluke or just one bad play and with a healthy team and a non arrested hernandez we are most likely undefeated atm and the best team in the AFC. 2013 just aint our year...
  10. 51Hits

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    Show me the last physical postseason win.

    This is the pure blindness im talking about. Bb could **** half of you fellas wives and you'd still think he's right.

    Before you argue, show me the victories. And no not regular season. Championships, because he's the best in the business right?
  11. PatsFan24

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    Yep. After losing three games by a combined 14 points I think we should start looking ahead to the draft. This season is over.
  12. 51Hits

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    He didnt when it mattered. He went off in the First Super Bowl against the giants with catches, yet made no big plays. Same exact thing in 2011, then he drops a huge catch. Exactly my point. Great regular season, horrible in the post season. Your right I forgot welker really stepped up when gronk was out. Puhhleaze
  13. SVN

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    Since you resort to this ...i will call you a %^&@@ and end this discussion. You have no clue what being at the top means and what it is to judge a team wrt championships. I can respond about all the wins and give every other other argument but you wont still make a logical argument and throw out these stupid one liners.
  14. smg93

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    Wow, just wow.
  15. PatsFan24

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    Yeah, I forgot that having over 100 catches every year in worthless.
  16. 51Hits

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    Lmao I love this

    Still haven't heard **** but we were close. Remember when we used to laugh at all the other teams and tell them well the fact they almost beat us didn't mean ****. Just like it doesn't help that we lost. But atleast they tried real hard, good job guys :)

    As I said, bb could **** your wives and you'd still defend him. I didn't expect an objective answer that rarely happens here when someone goes against the grain.
  17. robbomango

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    51Hits to the head?
  18. 51Hits

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    How is it stupid? I've had yet to hear any reason why bb is still at the too besides "almost" you are or not. Bb ain't on top right now.
  19. PatsFan24

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    It also rarely happens when someone starts a thread with such ridiculous comments. Someone needs to move this to the practice squad. I mean, seriously.
  20. Sciz

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    Maybe I missed it among the unreadable rant, but who would you prefer to have coaching this team?

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