This and That (Start Me Up)

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    This and That (Start Me Up)
    By: John Morgan

    The lack of real NFL Football over the last 212 days has dulled the senses and deadened the central nervous system. But today, something clicked into place. Adrenal glands and synapses that have been dormant since February are stirring back to life. All because it’s Football Season.

    So, for the foreseeable future (or until February 3rd), we’re Back in Business. This and That world headquarters has been a beehive of activity, feverishly working around the clock for the last 45 minutes or so to bring you one fan’s take on what is happening around the NFL. As those of you who were among the seven or eight regular readers of this feature last year will recall, This and That may or may not appear on a semi-regular basis, whenever I can string together a handful of semi-coherent thoughts (which is a polite way of saying whenever I feel like it). Some of this stuff is even true, most of it I outright made up and the rest is the result of near hallucinatory ruminations of my fevered imagination....

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