Think they're Republicans?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Patters, Jan 15, 2006.

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    About three years ago, the wife of the Commander of the Zimbabwian army, "ocelyn Chiwenga "won an auction for a coveted lease on a 220-square-mile tract of bush, owned by Zimbabwe’s Parks and Wildlife Authority, located just outside Hwange National Park in southwest Zimbabwe. Abounding in the Big Five—lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and black rhino—Chiwenga’s property has since become a choice destination for professional hunters, particularly well-heeled Americans.

    "Now, Chiwenga’s business ambitions—as well as her political clout—have brought her to the attention of the U.S. government. Last November, the Treasury Department added Chiwenga, 50, to a list of 128 Mugabe relatives and cronies who are “undermining democratic processes or institutions in Zimbabwe.†The Treasury Department has blocked the assets of those on the list and established penalties of up to $250,000 and 10 years’ imprisonment for anyone who does business with them. And that executive order has put dozens, if not hundreds, of Americans who hunt on her land in legal jeopardy."


    Do you think the majority of these wealthy hunters are Bush supporters? Do you think they should be punished? Do you think they were wrong?
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    #37 Jersey

    white "I am better than you" elitist rich guys, obviously liberal democrats.

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