Think BB was watching films of September 23rd 2001 this week?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Sep 14, 2008.

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    I must give props to BB and the coaching staff for an excellent game plan - It almost looked like Belichick spent a good deal of time watching Brady's debut on Sep. 23rd of 2001 against the Colts and on the road and the stats of the debut between Brady and Cassel were eerily similar only 8 yards difference in passing and 1 attempt difference I believe.

    I think keeping Cassel's importance of handling the team to a minimum by just managing the game and only throwing long on a rare occasion and handling the ball of to our RBs which what seems like we got the raiders in the ass again by getting this bulldozer of a RB like Lamont Jordan will pay off in the end IF this gameplan continues as good as it did today and the tougher competition that lies ahead but not for a few more weeks.

    IMO The jury is still out on Cassel until the team plays a tougher opponent and until the team actually trails in a game which I believe has not happened yet but you know will come sooner or later and then we shall see if Cassel has the ability to bring the team back from behind because he is going to have to throw a few TDs now and then to win games as the starting QB against teams that have defenses better set to slow down the run then the holes the Jets had today on their poor front line.
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