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They Cried And Puked

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Mar 21, 2007.

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    The "Loving Democrats" came out of the room awhile back after watching a movie that pictured a "Muslim Murderer" with Ladies Underwear on his head put there by an American Military Person over in the Abba Grabba prison.
    The now speaker of the house stepped into the hallway and looked up to make sure the camera's were rolling then she put her hand up to her mouth and ran for the ladies room. she later said "the picture made her vomit" other male mambers of this Bush Hating group claimed the picure made them "weep", Uncle Teddy said "yes, it brought tears to my eyes" this drunken pig murdered a young women.

    They cried and puked for the Muslim Murderer on a dog leash, have you heard anything from these "Scum Vermin Grinning Rat Democrats" about the two little children that were blown to bits by the Muslim Terrorist Pigs, did Auntie Pelosi PUKE?

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