There are no must picks nor must positions

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by mgteich, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Anyone drafted in the first four rounds would be expected to become a contributer and to better the team. Later picks are always long shots.

    A month ago WR was a must position. It's not now. We have brought in three free agents. But what if bb knew he was signing these free agents after the draft. Would that then make WR a mus Day One pick. Nope!

    We now see the key needs as LB and DB. Fair enough. That doesn't meet that the draft has to be the mechanism of filling those needs. And also, it is not clear at all that the FO agrees with our assessment of needs. I am certain that we need to address the needs at these positions. The question is how and when.

    I would like to see a first round corner. However, I would not be upset if we signed a long-term deal with Samuel, extended Scott and signed Mickens. I would not be disappointed going into TC with Samuel, Hobbs, Scott, Mickens, Gay and Spann. We will likely keep four corners, plus perhaps one more as one of the last on the roster at ST's or as a developmental player.

    I suspect that Harrison is expected to play through 2008, with Sanders as his backup. That's fine with me.

    We have Mitchell and Andrews. These could be upgraded, but this is fine for the season.

    It is here that we have no solutions as yet. We have two players who are in their contracts years: Wilson and Hawkins. The emergency free safeties are Scott and Gay. UNLESS WE SIGN (OR KNOW WE WILL SIGN) A VETERAN FREE SAFETY, we should probaly draft a couple of free safeties.

    We need no help here. We are more than fine with Colvin, Vrabel, Thomas and Woods. I suppose, we could upgrade Woods, but I wouldn't. Give the kid another year! He looks as good as TBC did at this point, or Alexander. He'll be an inexpensive backup for another three years.

    Obviously we need serious help here at the moment. Bruschi, Alexander, Mays and Izzo are exactly a star group at ILB. But how would you fee if we were to sign Hartwell, Seau and Gardner. Me, I would be fine with Bruschi, Seau and Hartwell in the rotation, and with Izzo and Gardner as the STers, with Gardner as the #4 ILB, in the same role as Woods at OLB.

    I think wqe expect to sign at least two ILB free agents and a corner. GIVEN THAT, there are no critical needs for the draft, except at free safety.
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    The one position I would like to see us solidify before the draft

    is inside linebacker. Maybe the Hartwell thing (if there is one)

    will surface this week when the FO returns from Florida.
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